For more than 10 years, Airless Discounter has been the European specialist in Airless spraying, AirCoat and HVLP. An independent Berlin company, we put all our know-how and expertise at the service of our customers.

More and more people are trusting us with their Airless paint spraying projects. Our customers are global and we communciate in many languages. Here is a sample of some of our clients' achievements following the purchase of a pump from Airless Discounter and the advice of our experts:

  • Complete apartment renovations with a Graco Mark VII pump
  • Interior renovations with a Wagner SF 23 Plus pump
  • Finishing coatings with Graco T-Max 657 pump

One word that sums up their experience with us: thank you!

With your purchase, you enable our independent company to continue growing over the years and to offer you more and more services, tested and approved products at competitive prices.

Here is a photo of our fine team, to let you know who is answering your questions, shipping your products, testing the machines and producing all those Youtube videos that you like so much.

If you would like to support our team, let others knowing what a great job we are doing by leaving a review or message on one of the following sites:

We hope to continue to bring you the same satisfaction over the years and we thank you for your loyalty.

Your Airless Discounter Team

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