Airless Nozzle Worn Out? Replace the Nozzle In Good Time – Airless Q&A #6

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The wear and tear of Airless nozzles is often times underestimated because most users are unaware of the negative effects of worn nozzles. "The nozzle is still working", we hear from many customers who come to our service centre with their paint spraying equipment. Often this is unfortunately not the case, because the majority of [...]

New Graco Airless Gun Graco Contractor PC – First Impressions

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Graco had announced the introduction of the next development of its standard-bearing spray gun, the Graco Contractor. The new gun is called Graco Contractor PC and some pictures have already been released. Graco is presenting this new gun as the lightest spray gun in its category. An interesting development is the extendable trigger, a user-friendly [...]

Video: Graco G40 spray gun wtih RAC X FF LP reversible tip tested

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The Graco G40 is one of the most known airmix spray guns on the market. As a rule, this type of guns are used with "flat" spray tips. However, over the last couple of years there has been an increase in the usage of airmix / air-assisted spray gun operating with the sort of reversible [...]

Airless Spare Parts On Hand – What Is Needed on the Job Site? – Airless Q&A #5

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Sometimes things don't always go as planned. While some obvious Airless spare parts like a spray tip or filter will need to be replaced, other parts are not as known but also might causes issues when working. Then of course larger projects might need more precautions to ensure you don't get stuck with the neccessary [...]

Main Filter Leaking in Graco Sprayer – Replace O-Ring – Airless Q&A #4

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A damaged O-ring on the filter housing of the Graco Airless sprayer can cause leakage and spillage on the filter housing. In the fourth part of our video series "Airless Q&A" we show you how you can replace the sealing ring in a few simple steps. In addition, we have created an overview below, so [...]

Storing your Airless Sprayer in Winter – Prevent Freezing in Airless Sprayers – Airless Q&A #3

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Winter is here! Great news for polar bears, not so good for your Airless paint spraying equipment. During colder parts of the year, we regularly receive Airless sprayers with frost damage in our workshop. Therefore, in the third episode of our video series "Airless Q&A", we have summarized the most important tips to bring your [...]

Testing the Graco TexSpray FastFinish Pro

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We had our first overview of the Graco TexSpray FastFinish Pro. In our training and testing center, we had the opportunity to test this device a bit more closely. The TexSpray FastFinish Pro is used to create textured surfaces in the decorative area including materials such as acoustic plaster up to 3 mm grain size. [...]

Graco O-ring Inlet Valve Housing Defective – Paint Leaks – Airless Q&A #2

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In the second part of our new future interactive video series "Questions and Answers, Q&A" we show you how you can change the Graco O-ring of the inlet valve housing in Graco Airless piston pumps. We received a question regarding this from a customer: his Graco Airless sprayer was leaking paint from above the intake [...]

How to Change the Graco GX21 Fuse – Airless Q&A #1

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Graco GX21 Fuse. Most electric devices have a fuse in it and the Graco GX21, like most electric Airless paint spraying pumps, is no exception. There might therefore be occasions when you will have to change the fuse, because these components can break over time and when the fuse is blown or damaged, the Airless [...]

Video: Hyde telescopic airless paint spray extension up to 3.8 m

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At the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry, England, where we were last week, we discovered a new airless paint spray extension that you can extend to a length of up to 3.80 m. The Idaho Painter, who was there with us, gave a little demonstration of this extension in the SprayZone mounted by [...]