Graco nozzle: making the right choice

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# Graco nozzle Today we are going to talk about the Graco nozzles currently available on the market. Depending on your machine, your airless gun and your job site, you will need to use a particular Graco nozzle. Here's how to choose the right one. Which Graco nozzle for my airless pump? There are many [...]

Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless – the airless pump on battery

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With the new Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless pump (part number 25T863), Graco offers the first professional battery-operated airless device. It is now possible to use an airless pump in places where no electrical power is available, without having to use a generator or a thermal airless pump. Despite the battery, the sprayer remains light [...]

Graco Classic 390 PC – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

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The following technical drawings will help you quickly find and order the spare parts and wear parts you need. The key spare parts of the Graco Classic 390 PC airless sprayer (standard version) are listed below. These apply to several model numbers, which are listed at the bottom of the article. Spare parts of the [...]

Graco Contractor PC Spray gun – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

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The following article gives an overview of all the spare parts of the Graco Contractor PC spray gun. The technical drawing will help you quickly determine the specific wear parts you need. In the table below, you will find a list of all the components each with a detailed description. A simple click on the [...]

The Best Airless Sprayers for Spraying Plaster

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# Spraying Plaster The processing of spraying plaster (also referred to as spackle, putty or stucco) with an Airless device is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative means to preparing a wall. Customers who have asked for wallpaper in the past, are now often wanting smooth, clean walls today. Having a smooth, evenly plastered layer [...]

Tips on How to Repair an Airless Paint Sprayer

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Today we are going to talk about how to repair an Airless paint sprayer. Small damages and common problems on airless electric piston devices often have an easy solution. On this occasion we are going to use Graco MArk VII Airless paint sprayer as an example, for the problems that we are going to talk [...]

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