How to Choose the Right Airless Paint Sprayer – Expert Airless Sprayer Advice with Airless Discounter

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Assistance and Advice by Phone +49 30 220 154 36 WhatsApp +49 152 337 171 95 Mail: Airless Discounter Service Center Köpenicker Landstr. 151 12437 Berlin (Open Monday to Friday 8.30 – 17.00) Advice when buying an airless sprayer Many mistakes can be made in the selection of a sprayer, so we rely on a team [...]

Repair Airless Spray Gun – Tips for Restoring a Damaged or Defective Spray Gun

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Various factors can cause malfunctions and defects on an Airless paint spray gun. In the following article we give an overview of the most common problems you may face when your Airless spray gun malfunctions or is damaged and make suggestions to help you repair the Airless spray gun yourself. List of defects Gasket of [...]

AirCoat Air Cap for Wagner AirCoat Spray Gun

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Searching for the AirCoat Air Cap for your Wagner AirCoat spray gun? Here is a complete overview of all AirCoat Air Caps for the different Wagner spray gun models. If required, the desired AirCoat Air Cap can be ordered directly in our online shop and delivered quickly. What is an AirCoat Air Cap? The AirCoat [...]

All You Need to Know about the Wagner AirCoat Spray Gun

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Wagner AirCoat spray guns control the material application during painting with AirCoat paint sprayers. In the following article we give you a complete overview of the structure and function of the Wagner AirCoat spray gun. In addition, we have summarized all the information on the current available models and recommendations on accessories such as AirCoat nozzles, air caps and gun filters. [...]

AirCoat Hose for Wagner Paint Sprayer

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Looking for a suitable AirCoat hose for the Wagner paint sprayer? Here is an overview of the different hose variants for AirCoat paint sprayers. Wagner AirCoat Hose What is an AirCoat hose and how does it work?  An AirCoat hose is attached to an AirCoat paint sprayer between the paint sprayer and the spray gun. The AirCoat [...]

Hourly Rate Airless Paint Spraying – Cost Calculation

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In our Facebook group Tips & Tricks Airless sprayers a question came up today on the hourly rate of Airless sprayers. The question was: Hello Airless community. Who can give me a sensible statement about the hourly rate of using an Airless sprayer? With values ​​such as: useful life in hours, maintenance fee, etc. for example [...]

AirCoat Spraying at a Glance

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Learn how AirCoat spraying differs from traditional Airless spraying; the primary areas of application and other possible applications of using the AirCoat spraying technique, as well as the design and function of AirCoat sprayers. In addition, we look at the pros and cons of AirCoat spraying and give some tips for the selection and conversion [...]

Fence Spraying with a Low Pressure Sprayer from Graco

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At the end of May at our training- and testing center, we had a customer experiment with a Graco HVLP 9.5 using the material SikaCor 6630 High Solid by conducting a fence spraying experiment. The planned spraying surface was a metal fence made up of bars and struts with spaces between them. Since SikaCor 6630 [...]

Testing out the Wagner SpeedShield “pizza wheel”

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We had a Spray & Play Day a few days go and our guests really really wanted to try out the Wagner SpeedShield, also know as the Wagner "pizza roller". Here you can have a glimpse of what we did. What is the Wagner SpeedShield "pizza wheel" and how does it work? The Wagner SpeedShield [...]

Prevent Spit Effects and Splashes with Airless – Anti-Spit Valves

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Anyone who works regularly with long airless lances is familiar with the problem of spits and splashes. These imperfections in the spray pattern increase the longer the spray lance is used. The splashes and spits non only spoil your fun while you are at the job, but also provide a poorer finish. In the following [...]