Paint overalls – essential protection for your construction sites

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At Airless Discounter, we frequently talk about respiratory protection for airless spraying. We do not forget other types of protection including the famous paint suit or paint overall. It may seem optional at first, but you will see that it is an essential accessory for any spray job. Why use a paint overall ? Painting [...]

Maintenance and repair of Titan airless sprayers

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Here you will find a list of all Titan airless sprayers for which we offer our services. This includes the construction drawings and a wide selection of Titan spare parts available in our online store. The devices are divided into electric piston pumps, hydraulic and heat engine piston pumps, diaphragm pumps and road marking pumps. [...]

How to Pick the Right Airless Paint Hose?

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Which Airless paint hoses are available for Airless paint sprayers? Which is the right one? There are different hoses for airless paint sprayers. The high-pressure hoses differ in the type of thread as well as in the internal diameter. The question now is: which application is used for which hose? The choice of the hose [...]

Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard – Specifications, Features and Delivery

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The Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard is a professional and reliable Airless paint sprayer for interior and exterior latex paints, acrylics, oil-based primers and block fillers. Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard Specifications Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard  The Graco Ultra Max II 795 offers the following features: max. Delivery rate: [...]

An Introduction to Diaphragm Pumps and Piston Pumps

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Is it better to paint spray with a diaphragm pump or piston pump? Talking with customers, we often hear this question. The answer to this is not very simple and depends on the needs of the customer and the area of application. Both piston pumps and diaphragm pumps are designed for specific purposes and both [...]

Wagner FinishControl 3500 XVLP – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

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The following article provides a summary of the spare parts for the Wagner FinishControl 3500 XVLP. Along with the technical drawing and instruction manual, you will find direct links to order spare parts and wearing parts, such as air filters, nozzles, air caps or paint containers. Let's take a look at the first technical drawing [...]

Graco Ultra Handheld Troubleshooting – Change Ultra Outlet Valve

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If the Graco Ultra or UltraMax sprayer does not pressurize and spray paint, there is a possibility that the outlet valves are dirty or damaged. In this case, the valves can be removed and tested. For this you simply unscrew the valves. Then you can check if the valves are glued together or if there [...]

Spray shields in airless painting

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What is a spray shield? A spray shield consists of a flat sheet connected to a handle. As its name implies, it is used to shield surfaces from unwanted paint. In airless spraying, paint shields provide effective protection against overspray. They can also help to reduce work load, time and material otherwise necessary to mask [...]

How to Choose the Right Airless Nozzle for your Airless Paint Sprayer ?

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This article covers the main factors for choosing the right Airless nozzle, using several examples from machines like DEMA, Rotenbach, Dino Power and other airless paint sprayers, that you can often find on Ebay and Amazon. We also have information and links for brands such as Wagner, Graco and FARBMAX. Selecting the right airless nozzle [...]

Graco °C-MAX 3023 and Graco °C-MAX 1513 heated hose systems

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Graco has launched two new heating hose systems. We present them here with their technical details and areas of application. These are the Graco °C-MAX 3023 and Graco °C-MAX 1513. Heated hose system Graco °C-MAX 3023 | Airless Discounter What are the advantages of the Graco °C-MAX 3023 and Graco °C-MAX 1513 heated hose systems? [...]

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