Graco BlueLink – New Airless Connectivity Technology from Graco

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What is Graco BlueLink? Graco BlueLink is a Bluetooth pairing of Graco sprayers with a free mobile app. The BlueLink system provides real-time jobsite and sprayer information including pressure and running total. It is available in 9 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. The Graco BlueLink system provides the [...]

Graco Mark X for Plaster and Big Projects – Introduction with Overview Video

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In today's video we present the Graco Mark X, one of the most powerful piston pumps with an electric drive. The Airless device has a maximum delivery rate of 8.3 liters per minute and is within the maximum pressure range of 227 bar. With these performance figures, the Mark X is particularly suitable for large [...]

Wagner FinishControl 3500 XVLP – Spare parts and manual

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The following article provides a summary of the spare parts for the Wagner FinishControl 3500 XVLP. Along with the technical drawing and instruction manual, you will find direct links to order spare parts and wearing parts, such as air filters, nozzles, air caps or paint containers. Let's take a look at the first technical drawing [...]

Wagner FinishControl 5000 XVLP – Spare parts for FC 5000

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Overview of the Wagner FinishControl 5000 XVLP paint sprayer. We made a list of the technical drawings and corresponding spare parts for the Wagner FC 5000 you can use in case of necessity. In the event of damage, you can get a quick overview of the required spare parts and select and order them without [...]

Wagner FC 3500 & 5000 XVLP Does Not Spray? Correct Malfunctions and Defects – Airless Q&A #9

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In the ninth part of our video series "Airless Q&A" we answer a question about Wagner's XVLP paint sprayers. Replaceable spray attachments are installed on the Wagner FinishControl 3500 and FinishControl 5000 models. Paint residues may cause malfunction on these spray tips. In the video we show where paint residue can colect on parts of [...]

Two Great Habits for Airless Spray Gun Safety – Airless Q&A #16

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Safety is exciting! That's right, I said it. There is nothing more professional, more BOSS, than handling your equipment in a manner that keeps you and your fellow workmen safe and secure. The thing is, we all "know" what the safety procedures are, so why do accidents still happen? Often its carelessness or lack of [...]

Spraying with the NEW Graco CONTRACTOR PC Spray gun – Airless Q&A #15

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We test the new Graco Contractor PC spray gun! Our video demonstration has Mathius spraying inner wall paint using the new spray gun using a RAC X spray tip holder and LP spray tip 517. Graco Contractor PC spray gun special features Ergonomic handle Extremely light-weighted device; tool-free conversion of 2 Finger to 3 Finger [...]

Hose Whip for Airless Spraying – Airless Q&A #14

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Airless Q&A #14 - In the new video of our series "Airless Q&A" we discuss hose whips on paint sprayers. A hose whip is mounted between the hose and the gun, giving more freedom of movement and flexibility. The hand is relieved of the full wight of the main hose, the optimal distance and angle [...]

Spraying with Whitewash, Lime Paint or Chalk Paint – Airless Q&A #12

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In the 12th video of our question and answer video series "Airless Q&A" we are dealing with a request on the topic of lime paint. Lime- and chalk paints have always been used as a coating. Many of our agricultural customers use lime coatings to whitewash their barns. In recent years, however, limescale has developed [...]

Graco Contractor PC Spray Gun Introduction – Airless Q&A #13

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In the current episode of our "Airless Q&A" video series, we get a first impression of the new Graco Contractor PC Airless paint spray gun. In addition to the overall impression of the spray gun, the video discusses the new grip function (optional 2, 3 & 4 finger trigger), the trigger guard, the replacement of [...]