Airless: working techniques, machines and manufacturers

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Airless, airless, airless... a word both known and mysterious. To put an end to this artistic blur once and for all, here is our complete article on airless, working techniques, choice of machines and main manufacturers. We have already covered the subject at length and in detail on our blog. As this blog is already [...]

January promotion: Buy 5 Graco Spray Tips + get Airless Shild for free

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In January we have another exciting promotion for you! When you buy 5 Graco airless tips, you get an airless shield with holder for cardboard for free. So grab it now and buy 5 Graco tips and get a free airless shield! Click here to go directly to the shop for our airless tips! What [...]

Wagner spray gun – all models of Wagner professional guns

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# Wagner spray gun You've had enough of brushes and rollers and you want to get your painting jobs done faster? A quick search on the Internet has revealed a whole world of paint spray guns and Youtube videos like ours have finally convinced you of the effectiveness of such a machine. So you've chosen [...]

Rolling vs spraying – which one offers more?

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In his video painter Andy Hansen proposes a comparison between working with a classical paint roll and with an Airless machine. Thereby he not only presents the speed of the painting work, but he also tells us about the time needed for preparations before and after while using the roll and the Airless. You can [...]

Graco ProSurface – surface scraper and puller

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The new Graco surface scraper and planar spattle of the Graco ProSurface series consists of two sets, surface scrapers, scrapers and extensions. These can be purchased alone or completely as a set. The Graco ProSurface series can be used for scraper tasks, to ease these. In this article, we present you the advantages of the [...]

Can I Use an Extension for my Graco Ultra Handheld? – Airless Q&A #24

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Can I use an extension on my Graco Ultra handheld? Yes, you can add a short extension to your Graco Ultra handheld, battery or corded. Typically a 25cm or 40cm is used. We do not recommend using a longer extension. You cannot add an extension on a Graco Ultra Max handheld. You can add an [...]

Wagner FinishControl 5000 XVLP – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

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Here is an overview of the Wagner FinishControl 5000 XVLP paint sprayer, including technical drawings and corresponding spare parts. In the event of damage, you can use the spare parts lists provided below to select the parts you need and order them without delay. Spare parts of the Wagner FinishControl FC 5000 Note: [...]

Buying Used Airless Sprayer from eBay or a Specialist Dealer

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Buying used airless sprayer equipment can save money, but it also entails some risks. In today's article, we focus on whether to buy a used airless sprayer from a retailer, on eBay or from an advertisement placed by a private individual. Buying a used airless paint sprayer on eBay Up's of buying an airless machine [...]

The Complete Guide to Reduce Overspray

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Reduce overspray by improving your spraying technique, setting the right pressure, choosing the right spray tip or using a helpful accessory. This article covers each of these suggestions in depth and includes a video presentation on the topic (Reduce overspray Part I and Part II) What is Overspray? “Overspray” is technically defined as fine paint [...]

HVLP Standard versus ProContractor ( FinishPro HVLP 9.0 vs FinishPro HVLP 9.5)

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The Graco TurboForce II FinishPro HVLP models have a lot going for them. The introduction of the FlexLiner beaker - an air tight spraying system with a very flexible hose means fine finish spraying is even more efficient and comfortable than ever before. But within the models there are quite a few options depending on [...]

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