Testing out the Wagner SpeedShield “pizza wheel”

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We had a Spray & Play Day a few days go and our guests really really wanted to try out the Wagner SpeedShield, also know as the Wagner "pizza roller". Here you can have a glimpse of what we did. What is the Wagner SpeedShield "pizza wheel" and how does it work? The Wagner SpeedShield [...]

Prevent spit effects and splashes with airless – anti-spit valves

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Anyone who works regularly with long airless lances is familiar with the problem of spits and splashes. These imperfections in the spray pattern increase the longer the spray lance is used. The splashes and spits non only spoil your fun while you are at the job, but also provide a poorer finish. In the following [...]

How to make the most out of spray extensions and joints for airless

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Spray extensions and joints for airless can help to control the spray jet and to achieve a high quality surface. In addition, they can be functional in obtaining a more even spray pattern and significantly reducing overspray. Why use swivel joints on extensions? Joints are mainly used with airless spray extensions. The joints are usually [...]

What is the difference between Graco RAC X FF LP and Graco RAC X LP nozzles?

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One of our clients asked us to explain the difference between a Graco RAC X FF LP nozzle and a Graco RAC X LP nozzle. In the following article we give a quick overview of the features, peculiarities and differences between the FF LP and the LP nozzles. What are the advantages of LP technology? [...]

Graco Airless Sprayer Error Code 16 Malfunction – What to do? (with Video)

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A customer recently sent a Graco Ultra Max II 695 (ProContractor version) into our workshop for repair. It was visibly damaged and the airless sprayer error code 16 flashed in the display with the message  - "Motor not spinning" - which means that the pump is not running. In this blog post we explain possible [...]

Which Airless Sprayers Are Used to Spray BAGAR Airliss?

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If you are using a paint sprayer to apply plaster during your painting- and decorating work, you probably do not want to go back over the work you just did with a spatula. The BAGAR Airliss offers an alternative solution to make the plastering process easier and faster. Plaster coatings, however, are the heaviest materials [...]

Video – SikaCor 6630 High Solid – spray test with Graco HVLP 9.5

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Here is a short video of a spray test with SikaCor 6630 High Solid and a Graco HVLP 9.5 paint sprayer. One of our customers was planning to paint a large garden fence, so we invited him to our training and testing center to clarify his unanswered questions and to test the material and some [...]

PaintTech Academy Supports our Training Workshops

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The PaintTech Academy is responsible for several Airless spraying training centers in the UK and Ireland. Our team went to England for a weekend to speak with the founder, learn about his training methods and get a hands on demonstration of his Workshop workflow. https://www.facebook.com/AirlessDiscounter/videos/1023330127823470/ Our team went for a weekend to visit the [...]

Машини для розмітки доріг Graco

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На стенді Graco на Intertraffic 2018 ми мали можливість побачити машини для розмітки доріг і всі останні новини на стенді виробника, поговорити з співробітником Graco і дозволити нам переконатись у якості представлених машин для маркування дорожніх покриттів. Graco LineLaser V5900 Для компаній, що спеціалізуються на маркуванні доріг, Graco LineLazer V 5900 є відмінним вибором. Завдяки двом безповітряним [...]

Renovating Kitchens With An Airless Paint Sprayer

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Do you need a painter for renovating kitchens? On a recent trip to the UK, we noticed that there seemed to be a lot of painters offering the renovation and refurbishment of kitchens among their services. This seemed to be mainly about the renovation of fitted kitchens, with the cabinet sides and the cabinet front [...]