Amazon Painting: Will Amazon take over the painting trade?

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Will there soon be something of the sort of Amazon Painting Services? Will painters soon have to deal with one big giant monololistic competitor, the Amazon Painting Company? We have recently come across an article by the German Professor Henning Vöpel on the chances and risks of digitalization for different trades (you can read the [...]

How do I upgrade my airless pump to an aircoat pump?

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Thinking of upgrading from an airless pump to an aircoat pump (also known as airmix, aircombi or air-assisted pumps)? The two different paint spraying techniques are generally used for very different sorts of painting jobs, but if a painter is flexible and working on different things, it can be worth considering to make a paint [...]

The Best Airless Sprayers for Spraying Plaster

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The processing of spraying plaster (also referred to as spackle, putty or stucco) with an Airless device is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative means to preparing a wall. Customers who have asked for wallpaper in the past, are now often wanting smooth, clean walls today. Having a smooth, evenly plastered layer makes subsequent paint [...]

Can you spray plaster with an airless diaphragm pump?

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Can you spray plaster with a diaphragm pump? Well, in theory there are some relatively inexpensive diaphragm pumps with enough performance on the market (eg FARBMAX Airless M10) that are significantly cheaper than piston pumps, like the Graco Mark VII, with comparative values in terms of liters per minute. A letter from a reader With [...]

What To Do When Your Airless Graco Mark VII Does Not Work? – Repair Graco Mark VII

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It can be extremely frustrating when your Graco Mark VII does not work. Is your sprayer not pumping, nor building enough pressure for the material to be sprayed properly? Well, hopefully it is not a serious issue and can be sorted out with a few minutes of maintenance. In this article we explore what the [...]

Changing the pump Graco Ultra & UltraMax – Video

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In the article we will provide you with the necessary instruction for changing the pump Graco Ultra & UltraMax. Wear can damage the pump sometimes you can get an error message, with the light below the pressure control flashing four times, indicating that the pump is blocked. In this case, the pump has reached its [...]

Airless pump Graco GX 21 does not work – what to do, how to repair it yourself?

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Your Graco GX 21 does not work? Is your airless pump malfunctioning or has it stopped spraying entirely? In this article we see what are the probable causes of the malfunctioning (please note that this model is also known as Mega Quick & Easy 4.0, so the contents are the same) and we try to give [...]

How to Choose the Right Airless Paint Sprayer – Expert Airless Sprayer Advice with Airless Discounter

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Assistance and Advice by Phone +49 30 220 154 36 WhatsApp +49 152 337 171 95 Mail: Airless Discounter Service Center Köpenicker Landstr. 151 12437 Berlin (Open Monday to Friday 8.30 – 17.00) Advice when buying an airless sprayer Many mistakes can be made in the selection of a sprayer, so we rely on a team [...]

Repair Airless Spray Gun – Tips for Restoring a Damaged or Defective Spray Gun

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Various factors can cause malfunctions and defects on an Airless paint spray gun. In the following article we give an overview of the most common problems you may face when your Airless spray gun malfunctions or is damaged and make suggestions to help you repair the Airless spray gun yourself. List of defects Gasket of [...]

AirCoat Air Cap for Wagner AirCoat Spray Gun

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Searching for the AirCoat Air Cap for your Wagner AirCoat spray gun? Here is a complete overview of all AirCoat Air Caps for the different Wagner spray gun models. If required, the desired AirCoat Air Cap can be ordered directly in our online shop and delivered quickly. What is an AirCoat Air Cap? The AirCoat [...]