In this article we ask 10 questions on the subject of airless spraying to the head of our company, Stefan Trepke. Stefan is the managing director of the company Airless Discounter and has been involved in airless spraying technology for over 15 years.

Stefan Trepke, fondateur d'Airless Discounter


1. When did you first come into contact with airless spraying?

I think it was 2003 or 2004, a friend’s father is a house painter and the friend was training to be a journeyman at the time. Shortly after that, I started repairing sprayers myself. At first, it was in addition to my college training.

2. What is your favorite airless pump?

Phew, there are a lot of them. Current or older sprayers? There are a few older models that I worked on a lot in my early days. There are some real engineering gems, like the 1970s and 1980s diaphragm pumps, such as the Wagner Finish 207 or 211, or the precursor 2600 H or 7000 H, which are all very rugged models.

My favorite early model from Graco is the EH 433 GT, which is a bit reminiscent of a trash can but was unbreakable. Of the more current models, the Wagner SF 23 and the Wagner SF 33 Plus are definitely among my favorites. From Graco, it’s models like the Mark VII Procontractor and the Graco ST Max 495 PC Pro, which offers good performance for its size.

Pompe airless Graco ST MAX II 495 PC Pro

3. Do you have any favorite accessories?

At first I was skeptical, but in the meantime I like to use the low pressure nozzles that produce a low mist emission: the LP nozzles from Graco and the HEA nozzles from Wagner. The Graco CleanShot anti-spray valve also makes the job much easier.

4. When do you use airless?

I am not a classic user like a painter or a carpenter. I mainly use airless equipment for training, demonstrations, filming videos or testing, for example when new machines come on the market or when we test a material.

5. What was the last project where you used airless equipment?

Recently, I tested a Graco 180cm extension with an Inline gun with a Graco UltraMax II 795 pump. Using the 180cm long extension is especially good for high ceilings or walls and hard to reach or twisty areas.

rallonges Graco Cleanshot


6. What has been your most positive experience with airless spraying?

There are a few, but I particularly remember a call from a customer shortly after purchasing a coating machine around 11am. He wanted to thank us for our advice and service, as he had already finished his job scheduled for 11 a.m. due to the machine’s use that day. You could really hear over the phone that he was happy to have the afternoon off and spend time with his family. He loved his job, but most of all wanted to enjoy the time he had saved for his family. In our trainings, too, there are always great moments when complete beginners become arless users during the day. You can see how the understanding, control of the sprayer and the gun as well as the confidence in the technique increases in the course participants. After such a day of training, the trainer is stunned, but also satisfied.

7. What was your most negative experience?

Whenever things don’t work. When the error is obvious during a repair, but the sprayer still doesn’t work. But this has become very rare and so far we have always found a solution.

8. How quickly can you clean an airless pump after work?

In five minutes, I might be able to do it. Anyway, it’s pretty quick. I think it’s almost 15 minutes long, like explained in detail in the following video.


9. Are you an airless nerd?

Probably so, but it’s not a bad thing to have an interest in the things you deal with on a daily basis as part of your job. I can also understand that people in my private circle are sometimes annoyed by this or don’t really understand my excitement about a test or a new product

10. Do you have a secret tip for using the machines?

These are small things that many users do poorly because they do not receive training from many dealers. Beginners then just work without thinking. Mistakes are made regularly, which makes many people not want to work with these machines. This leads to prejudices such as “too much overspray” or “too much cleaning”. But when you know how to do it, this is not the case. The small details of operation such as pressure setting, nozzle selection, distance and gun guidance should be clear to every user. This is why it is not enough to invest in the sprayer, but also in a day of training. Knowing how to best use a sprayer will help you get the most out of it.

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