We took a closer look at the masking dispensers available on the market.

How do these different dispensers work, what is their ergonomics, and what is the best manual masking dispenser on the market?

distributeur de ruban adhésif manuel 3M Handmasker M3000

Masking dispenser 3M Handmasker M3000

What is a masking dispenser ?

Some of you may be seeing this type of hand masking device here for the first time, so a brief explanation of how it works is in order. The reels allow you to mask quickly and efficiently. Windows, doors, radiators or surfaces of walls, ceilings and floors can be quickly covered with paper or a protective film.

For this purpose, the masking material chosen by you is mounted in the manual dispenser. In addition, an adhesive tape of your choice is added. This is automatically connected to the masking film or paper. This allows the material to be quickly unrolled and applied quickly and precisely. Finally, a blade allows the masking material to be cut directly to the right length without the need for other tools.

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What dispensers are available on the market?

At first glance, there appear to be several models from 3M, Storch, Kip and other suppliers. On closer inspection, however, the offering is limited to two main models. The 3M model, the M3000, is offered identically at Storch, in the classic Storch light blue shade instead of the yellow of 3M. Kip offers the Ready-Masker 335-00, which is marketed by other suppliers as the QM5000 EasyMask.

Masking dispenser Kip Ready-Masker 335-00

The Kip Ready-Masker is also available in other brands, for example under the name QM5000 EasyMask. It comes with a 30 cm blade that is suitable for paper and plastic film. Different settings are available for the positioning of the blade.

This reel allows for even removal of masking material, the tape is held securely in place and bound to the paper/film. The knife also works and separates the masking material evenly.

Overall, the Kip Ready-Masker seems a little less quality than the 3M model. The handle is covered in foam, which makes it quite soft but also less stable to hold in the hand. The overall construction also seems a little less stable than the competitor’s model.

Kip Ready-Masker 335-00 & QM5000 EasyMask

Masking dispensers Kip Ready-Masker 335-00 & QM5000 EasyMask

3M Handmasker M3000 masking tape dispenser

The 3M M3000 dispenser is also available in the same design from Storch, where the model goes by the product name Easymasker. This model also comes with a 30 cm blade that can be attached to the hand masker in various positions. With the FP12 knife, a blade for paper/film protection is also available.

3M Handmasker M3000 & Storch EasyMasker

Tape dispenser 3M Handmasker M3000 & Storch EasyMasker

The 3M Handmasker does what you expect it to do: it applies masking material (paper or plastic film) evenly to the tape and allows the masking material to be unwound and cut quickly and evenly.

The M3000 is very stable in the hand and can be guided precisely, an advantage over Kip’s competing model. Another advantage is the hook with which the reel can be attached to the belt or trouser pocket in one move. This means that both hands are quickly free and you don’t have to bend down to put the reel down or pick it up again.

Our favorite: the 3M Handmasker M3000 dispenser

The choice of this type of product is not very large and is limited to two models. Our favorite is the M3000 manual reel from 3M. Why? The M3000 is particularly stable in the hand and thus offers a regular and precise guidance. This means that the masking is both clean and fast.

In addition, the model is sturdy and of good quality and should survive one or two accidental drops and use in job site conditions. Thanks to a hook provided, the manual tape dispenser can be hung from a belt or trouser pocket, so that you always have one hand free and don’t have to bend over to put it on and take it off.

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3M Handmasker M3000 am Gürtel befestigt

3M Handmasker M3000 dispenser attached to work pants

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