Soon it will be the end of the year at Airless Discounter, and to celebrate, we would like to give you a gift in advance: by offering you a 5% discount until 31.12.2017 for any orders placed on our online store! To qualify for the discount, use the code “5% Airless Discounter” when ordering with Airless Discounter and treat yourself to a nice gift this Christmas! This code is valid only once per customer, with no minimum purchase and excluding shipping costs.

This promotion was sent a few days ago to our customers by email in our end of year newsletter. If you have not received one, don’t panic! Here are the topics covered in this newsletter.

Airless Sprayers Market in 2017: Overview of Current Trends

The German magazine for professional painters “Malerblatt” has published a comprehensive market study of airless paint stations. Read the article here.

Year-end tax deductions

Think of the accounting depreciation for your purchases of airless equipment and renew your painting station by deducting its purchase price from your taxes. Read the article here.

Jobs for airless spray painters

We help you find the right professional for your company! Post a free job offer on Airless Discounter: it’s easy and fast. Read the article here.

Cleaning an airless pump: how long do you need?

The cleaning effort and maintenance time of your equipment is only slightly longer than for brushes and paint rollers. As soon as you get the hang of it, it will only take you 7min 30! Read the article here or watch the video:

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