In this article, we summarized the 7 most important tools to avoid overspray when using an airless gun.

The most important thing to avoid overspray is of course optimal use and adjustment of the airless pump, such as adjusting the pressure, choosing the right nozzles or guiding the gun at the right distance and angle.

However, the formation of overspray can be reduced even further by using the right accessories. For this reason, we have compiled the seven most important accessories for reducing and preventing paint misting.

7 outils pour éviter le brouillard de peinture

1. Airless extensions to avoid paint misting

The optimum distance between the nozzle and the wall should be 25 to 30 cm. If this distance is not maintained correctly, an uncontrolled overspray can quickly form.

Airless extensions help to maintain the optimal distance even with high ceilings or walls. In this way, the lances help to reduce the overspray during airless spraying.


You will find a selection of Graco, Wagner and FARBMAX extensions in our online store.

2. The swivel joints

The ideal angle between the nozzle/gun and the surface is 90 degrees. Deviating from this angle will result in paint misting.

The swivel joints help maintain the correct angle, even in difficult surface structures. The Graco Cleanshot is one of the best tool on the market and offers an anti-spatter function in addition to the joint function.

Graco CleanShot

3. Airless whips to avoid overspray

A whip is a short piece of hose that fits between the gun and the main hose.

It is thinner and more flexible and allows the user to guide the gun at the right distance and angle to the surface. This allows for better control of the overspray.


4. Airless shields

For isolated objects in the room, such as columns, spray to the edge, so that part of the spray passes over the column and into the room.

The result is a paint mist that can be controlled by an airless shield. To do this, it is best to set the airless shield at a right angle and guide it parallel to the gun.

5. Wagner HEA & Graco LP low pressure nozzles

For some years now, both Wagner and Graco have been offering airless nozzles that spray with less pressure thanks to pre-spraying.

Less pressure also means less overspray. That’s why the use of Wagner HEA nozzles and Graco LP nozzles allows for better control and less paint mist.

6. Airless rollers to avoid paint misting

Airless rollers combine the classic application method with the airless technique. Advantage: there is no need to pick up the paint with the roller, as the airless device pumps/projects the paint onto the roller.

This also minimizes the amount of material transported to the site, as there is no need to drag the paint onto the scaffolding during facade work. The airless sprayer transports the paint from the bottom to the top of the façade via the hose.

rouleau peinture airless


Two different airless roller systems are available:

  • System 1 (e.g. Graco JetRoller): The paint is sprayed onto the wall and then rolled out. Here, there is very little paint mist, because the spraying is done with very little pressure. The pressure is only set to the amount needed to spray the product on the wall. The roller then takes care of the uniform distribution.
  • System 2 (e.g. Wagner InlineRoller IR 100): In the case of internally fed rollers, the paint is pressed from the inside out through the paint roller by an airless device, a hose and the roller. The amount of product is controlled by a gun trigger on the roller. Internally fed airless rollers do not produce paint mist, as the paint is not sprayed.

7. Heating hoses for airless pumps

Heated hoses heat the varnish or paint and make it easier to spray, allowing the product to be sprayed at a lower pressure setting. Lower pressure also means less overspray.

Graco °C-MAX heated hose systems


Heated hoses are available from a variety of manufacturers. Graco offers the C-Max 1513 for varnishes and the C-Max 3023 for wall paints.

With the TempSpray H126, Wagner offers a small heated hose system, especially for varnish applications. The Wagner TempSpray H226 and TempSpray H326 are also available for murals and larger projects.

Conclusion – it’s up to you

All these tools are aids that make the user’s work easier and help reduce overspray, but the basic requirement is optimal use and adjustment of the airless spray painting equipment. This is what makes the difference between the professional and the amateur.

A fast car does not make a beginner a professional race car driver. The same applies to the spraying technique, a good airless device and the right accessories make the work easier, but this technique must also be used optimally.


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