In this article you will find a selection of accessories that we recommend for airless road marking pumps. We have Graco and Titan machines in our range, which you can find in our online shop.

Airless Paint Sprayers for Road Marking

Choice of nozzles and nozzle holders

Nozzles are one of the most important parts of the accessories. The Graco Line Lazer RAC V nozzle (yellow) is particularly recommended for road marking.

It offers the following features:

  • classic reversible nozzle
  • particularly suitable for Graco LineLazer series pumps
  • suitable for nozzle holders from Graco (RAC V, XHD), Wagner, FARBMAX and Titan
  • maximum working pressure of 250 bar

RAC LineLazer Düse

Buy this Graco tip on Airless Discounter

You can also find the corresponding nozzle holder in our online shop. The Graco RAC V nozzle holder in 7/8″ from Graco is suitable for this type of nozzle, among others.

Choice of airless gun

In order to use the right nozzle, a gun is of course also required. In this case, the Graco FLEX PLUS SILVER marking gun can be used.

This road marking gun offers the following specifications:

  • Graco FLEX PLUS SILVER airless gun for Graco LineLazer road marking pumps
  • Maximum working pressure: 345 bar
  • Maximum material temperature: 50°C
  • 2-finger trigger
  • Material inlet/hose connection: 1/4″
  • Weight: 510 g

Repair and maintenance kits

To keep the equipment in good condition, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Graco TSL oil is ideal for this purpose.

Before using an airless plunger pump, a few drops of oil should be added to the plunger to protect it and its seals from premature wear.


Graco Repair Kit

However, if a part does wear out, it is always advisable to have a repair kit on hand. For the Graco LineLazer series, for example, the one pictured above is suitable – click here to order it from Airless Discounter.

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