Airless accessories

You can find all the accessories for your paint sprayer, like spray guns, nozzles, filters etc on our website. On this page we want to give you an overview of the most commonly required accessories, with information and tips, for you to choose the item that better suits your paint sprayer.

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  • the largest product variety on the market
  • professional, specialized accessories
  • delivery: 3 working days after having received the payment (all over Europe; it may require up to 10 working days for other countries)
  • methods of payment: credit card, PAYPAL, bank transfer

Payments: PAYPAL and bank transfer

Shipping: 3-5 day from the reception of the payment

Wagner, FARBMAX, Titan and Graco airless paint sprayers

2 years Guarantee

Spray guns and airless rollers

Airless Discounter offers top quality airless spray guns like Graco, Wagner, FARBMAX and Titan.

  • Spray guns: Graco Contractor, FARBMAX G250 and Wagner AG08, Titan G10 XL. These models are all-rounders, and if used without filter, can be employed to spray putty too.
  • Hybrid spray guns: the model Wagner AG14 is one of the most versatiles models on the market and can be used to apply paint and putty as well
  • for intense and large jobs with putty: Graco Blue Paster, Wagner AG 19, Graco In Line Texspray
  • high pressure rollers with airless gun. Allows for a uniform application of the material, generally through a special spray gun

Price for airless spray guns on our website start at € 117,64 + VAT

Airless spray guns

Airless spray nozzle

On our online shop you can find spray gun tips by leading manufacturers like Wagner, Graco and Titan as well as other cheaper, alternative options.

Moreover, we have the exclusive selling right of the FARBMAX brand, which in terms of quality is often not inferior to the giants of the trade.

FARBMAX spray nozzles constitute a fantastic alternative to the original spray tips by Graco and Wagner, perfectly equivalent in quality, but at a much cheaper cost.

Take a look here for more information:

Prices for the airless spray gun nozzle start at 16,80€ + IVA

Airless spray nozzles

Tip Holders for Airless Spray Tips

You can find on our shop airless tip guards by several manufacturers, like for example:

  • Graco RAC V RAC X and HXD thread ⅞”
  • Wagner Tip Guard with thread ⅞” and 11/6″
  • FARBMAX tip holder with thread ⅞”, equivalent to a Wagner or Graco in quality and unbeatable in price
  • our special offer: FARBMAX airless spray tip and tip holder € 33.61 + VAT

Please always make sure to check the thread of your spray gun before buying a tip holder. In case the thread of your gun does not correspond to the thread of the tip holder, you will need an adapter, which you can find on our online shop as well.

Prices for tip holders start at € 21.00 + VAT

Tip Holders

Gaskets for airless spray tips

Gaskets for airless spray tips by several manufacturers: FARBMAX, Wagner and Graco. There are three sorts of gaskets, a metal one, which you always need, a black one and a white one, depending on the material you are spraying:

  • white gaskets
  • metal gaskets
  • black gaskets

Prices start at € 7.55+ VAT

Airless Spray Tip Gaskets


Original airless filters by Graco and Wagner, for paint sprayers and airless spray guns. Price start at:

Do you need assistance with finding the right filter? Do not hesitate to contact us via email at the ( or visit our Youtube channel.

Airless filters

Airless spray lances

We have airless spray lances of many different sorts, with a length varying from 25 cm to 180 cm, to paint all corners from different angles without much effort.

You can use the lances with a special swivel joint, to have more flexibility in the movements..

Prices for airless lances start at € 25.20 + VAT

Airless Lances

Adapters and connectors

Wide range of adapters and connectors for airless accessories, compatible with all the leading manufacturers.

For example to connect a spray gun with a thread 1/4″ and a hose with a thread 3/8″ you will need this adapter.

On our online shop you can find:

Prices start at € 6.29 + VAT

All adapters and connectors

Airless paint hoses

The hose connects the spray gun with the paint spraying unit. Before buying a hose, please check the connection of your spray pistol and the paint sprayer. If they do not correspond, you will need an adapter.

In this category you will find:

  • High pressue hoses between 7.5 and 15 m. Prices start at € 37.81 + VAT
  • Hose whips: extentions for hose to make movements easier
  • Heated hoses: allows for a spraying of the material at higher temperatures, thereby reducing the viscosity of the material
Airless hoses

Tanks for large quantities of paint

Tanks are an accessory that every professional working with large quantities of material needs, be it dispersion paint, latex or putty. These tanks allow you to work much more efficiently with high performance spraying devices, without the necessity the refill the material in short intervals


Airless accessories for professional paint sprayers

At Airless Discounter we know a thing or two about airless paint sprayers. Operating since 2009 we offer a wide range of paint spraying machines and accessories. In particular, accessories have a special place in our day-to-day business, since many of our clients have to reply on the quick availability of these spare parts to keep the operation of many companies going. Whether you need a nozzle or a filter suitable for spraying primer, latex paint or spraying plasters; or if you want to buy a new airless gun for your machine, this is the right place. In our online store and you can have your airless accessories in 3 working days after the acceptance of your payment and with the security of having received a qualified advice.

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