Wagner HEA ControlPro 250 & 350

The first paint spraying units to be developed using High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology. The HEA system is based on improved technology of the Wagner HEA nozzle. This improvement allows the spraying of the materials at lower pressures. This results in several key advantages such as:

    • less overspray
    • less wear on the internal workings of the sprayer and on the nozzle
    • less material wastage
    • low working pressure of 110 bar in the maximum range

Which colors and materials can be processed with the Wagner ControlPro sprayer?

Wagner HEA Control Pro paint sprayers are mainly sold through the hardware store and are aimed at DIY enthusiasts and beginners who use the airless paint sprayers infrequently for smaller jobs.

The ControlPro airless devices are simple entry-level models for small projects and sporadic applications for the processing of paints, glazes, primers or indoor wall paints such as dispersion.

The ControlPro paint spraying units are not suitable for processing facade paint.

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Wagner ControlPro 350 Extra on rack & trolley

Wagner ControlPro 350 Extra compact stand unit with metal carrying handle

  • maximum delivery: 1,5 l/min
  • maximum working pessure: 110 bar
  • maximum nozzle size: 0.019”
  • Wagner article number: 2371061

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Wagner ControlPro 350 Extra on metal carriage with wheels and extending handle

  • maximum delivery rate: 1,5 l/min
  • maximum working pressure: 110 bar
  • maximum nozzle size: 0.019”
  • Wagner article number: 2371065

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Wagner ControlPro 250 & 350 HEA – Accessories and Spare Parts

Accessories for Wagner ControlPro HEA

Here is a detailed overview of the most important accessories for Wagner ControlPro spray guns used by the ControlPro 250 and ControlPro 350 models. In addition to information on the available HEA nozzles and their selection, the article provides information on lances, hoses, guns, etc.

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Spare Parts for Wagner ControlPro 250 & 350

Only a limited number of components from the manufacturer are available for the Wagner ControlPro spray guns. The most important wearing parts are the inlet valve and the outlet valve. Other components, such as the intake system or hoses, may wear or become damaged for years, requiring replacement.
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Videos & Tips for the Wagner ControlPro Sprayer

Overview of the Wagner Control Pro 250 & 350

In the following video, the models Wagner Control Pro 250 M and Wagner Control Pro 350 M are discussed. In addition, there are other models that differ somewhat in quality of the materials used, performance and equipment / scope of delivery. In total, there are six different models of the Wagner Control Pro series.

Putting  Wagner Control Pro 250 & 350 into operation – this is how it works

How to put the Wagner ControlPro 250 and 350 Airless paint spraying machines into operation? This question is asked frequently by new buyers, after the paint sprayer was purchased. The following video gives a detailed overview of the individual working steps to met the sprayer operational and spraying effectively.

Wagner ControlPro 250 & 350 – When the nozzle clogs and doesn’t spray

What can you do when the HEA nozzle of the Wagner ControlPro paint sprayer clogs and clogs? The following video depicts the performance limitations of the Wagner ControlPro 250 M and the possibilities to make straight wall colors more dilutable or siftable.

How to choose the right nozzle and filter?

In the following video we have summarized tips for selecting the right filters and nozzles for the Wagner ControlPro 250 and Wagner ControlPro 350.

> More information on choosing the right filter here and choosing the correct extension here

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