You have a one or two day renovation project and are looking for an Airless pump to complete the work quickly and easily. Airless rental is a popular and economical solution for professional and semi-professional painters and decorators.

Here is some information to help you choose the Airless sprayer, find an Airless rental company and judge the benefits of renting a machine before investing in an Airless sprayer outright.

Wagner Airless Rental

Wagner Airless Rental

Why rent an Airless pump?

Whether you are a painter, roofer, carpenter, carpenter or experienced handyman, Airless rental is a viable solution if:

  • you are looking for a sprayer for a specific job requirement that you do not work on everyday
  • you need a pump immediately for a day or a week, but don’t usually use a sprayer often (infrequent projects)
  • you want to try out a machine before buying it
  • you do not want to worry about maintenance and repairs (Modern paint spraying technology has made wear-and-tear less of an issue than before and replacing cartridges or pumps is much easier than before!)

Which materials can be sprayed with an Airless pump?

Almost anything can be sprayed depending on the specialty store’s Airless rental fleet, you can use a wide variety of paints and spray materials such as lacquers, varnishes, stains, primers, interior and exterior paints, latex and silicate paints, roofing products, adhesives, fire protection and Airless coatings.

Rental prices of Airless sprayers increase when you opt for those handling a multitude of materials. The price of daily or weekly rental will depend on the performance of the machine and unfortunately there is no pump for all applications at low prices. This means wherever possible, choose an Airless sprayer specializing in the material being sprayed and the job requirement.

Ideally, several types of sprayers should be used to cover the range of applications listed above. Here are three main areas of use, their requirements and the appropriate paint sprayers tp use in each case:

  1. an Airless sprayer for varnishes, stains and small jobs (fine finish applications)
  2. an Airless sprayer for primers and indoor dispersion paints (most home painting jobs)
  3. a coating machine for large quantities and/or thicker materials (heavy duty sprayers, plaster sprayers)
Paint spraying with Wagner Airless

Paint spraying with Wagner Airless

Advantages of Airless rental

  • you get a sprayer suitable for each type of application and material
  • the initial upfront cost is lower than that for a new machine (investing in an Airless sprayer may be more cost effective longer term)
  • maintenance and repair costs are minimized or eliminated – its recommended to check the terms and conditions when you rent the sprayer
  • the sprayer is ready and in working order
  • certain companies will offer specialized advice to use the machine before renting
  • unsure about whether Airless sprayer is right for you?Iit is possible to rent first, test and then buy the sprayer at a later stage

Rent an Airless pump

Interested in renting an Airless sprayer? You still need to find a rental company that has the pump you are looking for. Airless Discounter offers this service in Germany today. There are also partner Airless rental services in France.


Wagner Graco Bagar

Buy a used Airless pump instead of renting?

If your job lasts several days, it is possible that the rental airless is not financially advantageous. In this case, it may be possible to buy a used airless pump. In addition to the price and performance, here are some questions to ask you when you buy: the device is complete and in good working order? Has it been reviewed by a technician? Is there a guarantee? What about the supply of spare parts?

Even if your budget is limited, do not lose sight of the technical performance of your future machine. Can you win a car race with a Fiat Panda? It’s exactly the same if you think you can repaint a facade with an entry level pump. The performance of the paint station will allow you to carry out your project and work in good conditions.

Nowadays, do-it-yourselfers and airless beginner painters have a large choice of pumps, at a low price of course, but also with poor performance and being able to process only a very limited number of materials. Due to improper use of the device, accidents, overloads and premature failures inevitably occur. Think about this to avoid the bad purchases and the disappointment of a defective equipment quickly.


Used Airless pumps at the best price

All our used Airless equipment:

  • are inspected and repaired by our technical department
  • enjoy one year warranty and our expert advice
  • come with gun, nozzle and nozzle holder
  • are exempt from VAT for companies subject to intra-Community VAT
  • have accessories and spare parts in our online shop
  • see all used airless pumps on Airless Discounter here

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