Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. While some obvious Airless spare parts like a spray tip or filter will need to be replaced, other parts are not as known but also might causes issues when working. Then of course larger projects might need more precautions to ensure you don’t get stuck with the necessary spare parts.

While most painters and decorators know to keep a few extra spray tips and filters handy, there are other parts on a sprayer that may also wear out or get damaged that can be replaced quickly and easily to avoid down time and ensure your project stays within the deadline.

We outline the necessary spare parts for small projects and for larger projects.

Basics – Every painter or decorator needs these Airless spare parts

For any project, keep these nearby.


With at least 3 spray tips, you can be cleaning one while using another, while having one as backup. For thicker materials or those that contain more metal compounds, your spray tips will wear out sooner. Be prepared to keep a couple of each size handy, just like having a tackle box ready with identical lures. Don’t get caught without a spray tip if your current one gets clogged or loses shape.


Manifold filters

These are fairly robust, but do keep another one on standby. If paint is leaking from the manifold filter housing, check the O-Ring (further below in the article).

Spray gun filters

These are smaller and may also need to be replaced if worn out or damaged.

Intake sieve / inlet filter

Sometimes we see these filters get damaged during transport. If there is paint leaking from the intake valve – check the valve and the packings inside.

Find your filter here

Piston oil

A few squirts of pump oil will keep the wear and tear of your pump down to a minimum. Graco, Wagner and FARBMAX all have their pump oil versions:

Wagner Easy Glide Pump Oil – 0508619 – order by clicking here

Protective Oil for Piston Pumps – order by clicking here

Graco TSL Maintenance liquid for airless paint sprayer 0,25 l – 206994 – order by clicking here

Medium- to Larger Projects

As you move up in project requirements, magnitude and risk. Consider keeping these spare parts by your side.

Packings & Seals

If you see paint leaks out the intake valve or manifold filter housing an O-Ring may be damaged or worn out and needs to be replaced. This is a simple task that requires a few minutes.

Learn how to replace your O-Ring for Graco sprayers here.

More detailed information on repairing your Graco Mark VII on the job site can be found in the video here.


When checking the O-Ring on your intake valve, you can use this opportunity to check the inner parts of the valve itself.

To see the internal workings of the valves in greater detail, watch the YouTube video Repair your Graco Mark VII


Graco has made it quite easy to remove and replace one pump unit with another. If you working with heavier materials or running the machine at very high pressures for longer periods, consider keeping an extra pump in the van.


 Hoses are quite robust. It’s extremely rare for you to replace it. However, on larger construction sites there is a risk of heavy duty machinery damaging the hose. More often, painters or contractors will keep several hoses for thinner- to thicker materials. so having an extra hose is more about the variety of materials you are using and not the risk of damage.

Another sprayer

Depending on the Airless device a second sprayer may be necessary to ensure your work gets completed on time. For demanding jobs or those job sites happening in remote areas a second sprayer may be helpful. Sprayers malfunctioning on the job site is usually due to the Airless sprayer owner not choosing the right sprayer to begin with and pushing it beyond its capacity. DIY and entry level models are not equipped to handle large commercial projects. If you unsure give us a call.

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