Safety is exciting! That’s right, I said it. There is nothing more professional, more BOSS, than handling your equipment in a manner that keeps you and your fellow workmen safe and secure. The thing is, we all “know” what the safety procedures are, so why do accidents still happen? Often its carelessness or lack of awareness. Other times its working long hours, prolonged over-time and personal frustrations impacting our work. Since we can’t plan for everything, a better approach is to engrain habits that maximize the chance of you doing the right thing EVEN when your mind is not quite there. Included in the video are two good habits for safer spraying. Your Airless spray gun is an awesome device that gives great results and since you are working with high pressures and materials that may contain some substances that can be harmful to your body, to maximize the benefits and reduce or eliminate the chance of a negative outcome, pay attention to the following…

Two habits for proper spray gun safety

The safety lock on your trigger is your best friend

Train this impulse – whenever you are not spraying, the trigger safety lock is activated. It should become routine that as soon as you are not spraying, you fingers move toward the safety lock and lock the trigger in place.

We really like the spray guns that allow you to easily activate the safety trigger lock with the fingers of the same hand you are holding the gun with. This is because accidents usually happen to the non-dominant hand (the hand NOT holding the gun) getting in the way of the spray pattern or being in front of the spray gun when the trigger is accidently pulled.

Both older Wagner, FARBMAX and Graco models have a twisting trigger lock feature. Wagner then introduced a sliding lock mechanism, similar to that used on drills. Graco’s new CONTRACTOR PC spray gun uses an easily accessed and ergonomic up/down slider. All perform the same function of locking the trigger in place.

Power off, pressure to zero

The next common situation is changing spray tips, filters or adjusting the spray guard with the non-dominant hand, while there is still pressure acting inside the gun and spraying machine.

Your go to habit here, is to always turn the sprayer off, unplug and follow the pressure release safety procedure whenever you are cleaning, replacing or removing a spare part. Since your workflow is interupted anyway, you are not really saving more than a few seconds turning off the machine and relieving the pressure, but there is a MASSIVE upside – a safe working environment! Those few extra seconds are a miniscule investment to ensuring that your workplace is a professional and protected workspace for yourself and others – that is something to be proud of. If you are new to managing or acting in a leadership role, this is a good opportunity to practice a firm, informative approach which earns you respect and allows those you are leading to feel cared for.

We wish you the best on your next project and hope you take caution when working with Airless sprayers. Have any other safety tips? Let us know and comment below.

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