How to properly preserve and store your airless sprayer to avoid breakdowns and interruptions when you go back to work?

In this new article we talk about special airless preservatives such as Graco Pump Armor, Wagner EasyClean and our FARBMAX products. We explain when to use preservatives, how to dose the product and pump it into your equipment.

What is a preservative product like Graco Pump Armor or Wagner EasyClean?

Preservatives such as Graco Pump Armor or Wagner EasyClean ensure that the spraying equipment works properly. The preservative is sucked out of the airless device and remains in the spray device until the next use.

The preservative prevents the pump from drying out and the valves from clogging. In the event of long-term storage, the product also protects against corrosion of the pump bottom. During the winter months, the preservative can also prevent damage caused by frost. It can be used in the same way to protect piston and airless diaphragm pumps.

Preservative Farbmax, Graco Pump Armor & Wagner EasyClean

Preservative Farbmax, Graco Pump Armor & Wagner EasyClean

When to use an airless preservative?

The preservative should be used when the airless pump is not used for a certain period of time (e.g. one or two weeks). The preservative is sucked into the device and remains there as long as it is not used. This prevents the pump from drying out.

Sticking and adhesion of the inlet and outlet valve can be prevented. The piston or diaphragm is also protected. In addition, corrosion inside the pump can be prevented, especially in the event of prolonged standstill.

Preservative Graco Pump Armor

Preservative Graco Pump Armor

Even in the case of shorter work breaks of a few days, it can be a good idea to use preservatives, as proper maintenance significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions later on.

If your pump cannot be stored in a frost-free environment, for example in your van, in an unheated warehouse or on the construction site during the winter months, you should also use preservatives. This prevents the risk of frost damage to the airless equipment.

How do I use the Graco Pump Armor or the Wagner EasyClean?

Using a Graco airless sprayer as an example, we show you how to best maintain your equipment. The unit was used to apply interior paint, i.e. water soluble paint, so it was then cleaned properly with water.

In the following video, we show you how to thoroughly clean an airless sprayer in just a few minutes.


The sprayer is now clean. There is still water in the unit and we want to get it out and replace it with a preservative, in this case Graco Pump Armor. To get the preservative into the unit, we need to take the suction hose and put it into the containers containing it.

Suction hose in the preservative Airless

Suction hose in the preservative Airless

First, unscrew the suction strainer and separate the return hose from the main hose. Then put the return hose into the second fluid tank. This is where the water comes from in the pump. Open the discharge valve, turn on the unit and increase the pressure slightly.

The unit will now start to draw in the preservative. This can also be seen from the fact that the preservative suction hose turns blue. At the same time, the water is expelled from the sprayer and flows through the return hose into the second tank. As soon as the preservative arrives, lower the pressure and turn off the unit. All that remains is to close the discharge valve: the circuit is thus closed and the preservative remains in the system.

The preservative can be used for both airless piston pumps and diaphragm pumps. It is not necessary to fill the paint hose and the gun with preservative.

What airless preservatives are available?

Airless preservatives are available from a variety of manufacturers. Graco offers Pump Armor, Wagner offers a product called EasyClean and FARBMAX offers a generic airless product.

Graco Pump Armor Conservator

Graco Pump Armor is available in a one-liter bottle and a large 3.8 liter container. According to the manufacturer, Pump Armor should be used undiluted so as not to reduce the anti-freeze properties of the material. For shorter periods of time when the airless pump is not in use, Graco Pump Armor can also be diluted with 20% water.

Conservateur airless Graco Pump Armor

Graco Pump Armor airless sprayer preservative – on Airless Discounter

Wagner EasyClean preservative

Wagner offers EasyClean in a one-liter bottle. According to the manufacturer, the product can be diluted at a ratio of 30:1 with water. This means that a one-liter bottle can be diluted with 30 liters of water. This gives a total of 31 liters of preservative. This makes Wagner EasyClean considerably more economical than Graco Pump Armor.

Despite the 30:1 mixing ratio with water, frost protection must be maintained. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the temperature range. In case of doubt, we advise you to always store your airless station free of frost to avoid damage to the sprayer. If this is not possible, you should always use a preservative with frost protection.

Conservateur airless Wagner Easy Clean

Wagner Easy Clean airless sprayer preservative – on Airless Discounter

FARBMAX preservative

The FARBMAX preservative is also available in one-liter bottles. Like Wagner EasyClean, this product can be diluted 30:1 with water. This product also protects against frost damage to the airless device.

Conservateur airless Farbmax

Farbmax airless sprayer preservative  – on Airless Discounter

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