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Find Your Graco Airless Spare Parts with Airless Discounter

By |2020-01-30T14:00:42+00:0001/30/2020|Graco, Spare parts|

We carry all current Graco spare parts in our online shop. We have one of the largest Graco spare parts stores in Europe and reorder from the manufacturer every day. This way we can ensure that you get the quality spare parts you need quickly. Graco spare parts How do you find the [...]

Ultra Max II 650 PC Pro – Lightweight Power from Graco

By |2020-01-28T12:35:22+00:0001/08/2020|Airless Paint Sprayers, Graco|

With the Graco Ultra Max II 650 PC Pro, the manufacturer expands its range from January 2020 with a light and powerful Airless paint sprayer. The performance features of the 650 lie between the Graco St Max II 595 PC Pro and the Graco Ultra Max II 695. This 650 model is intended to close [...]

Skillveri Chroma X

By |2020-01-07T14:54:23+00:0012/17/2019|How to Spray|

Chroma X Spray Painting Simulator - virtual training technology for paint spraying Chroma X is a virtual training unit from the manufacturer Skillveri for training in various welding and paint spraying techniques. In addition to Airless, AirCoat and electrostatic processes, the professional painting application can be trained with Air guns too - most prominently used [...]

Graco JetRoller

By |2019-12-12T18:25:49+00:0012/11/2019|Accessories, Graco|

What is the Graco JetRoller? The Graco JetRoller is a fixed Airless sprayer extension with attachable roller assembly, so that you can spray and roll in one movement. Get the benefits of spraying and back-rolling in one neat device. https://youtu.be/0M9Dq7nLsxo Graco JetRoller benefits Spray and roll in one Position the valve so that it [...]

Can I Use an Extension for my Graco Ultra Handheld? – Airless Q&A #24

By |2019-12-05T12:30:05+00:0012/05/2019|Airless Paint Guns, Accessories, Graco|

Can I use an extension on my Graco Ultra handheld? Yes, you can add a short extension to your Graco Ultra handheld, battery or corded. Typically a 25cm or 40cm is used. We do not recommend using a longer extension. You cannot add an extension on a Graco Ultra Max handheld. You can add an [...]

Graco Classic S 395 PC Overview – Specifications, Features and Delivery

By |2019-12-04T15:01:42+00:0012/04/2019|Airless Paint Sprayers, Graco|

The Graco Classic S 395 PC is a professional, portable and compact paint sprayer for lacquer and interior paint. https://youtu.be/nt-694fIhsA Specifications 230V and 110v max. delivery rate: 2,0 l/min max. pressure: 227 bar max. tip size: 0.023" e.g. 523 motor power: 0,65 kW weight: 19 kg (42 lbs) Graco Classic S 395 PC Features SmartControl [...]

Wagner Hopper and Top Tank for Airless Paint Sprayers

By |2019-12-05T14:38:46+00:0011/22/2019|Wagner, Accessories|

Hoppers and tops tanks are particularly useful when it comes to process smaller amounts of paint, efficiently and without waste. The amount of material can be metered so well and the material passes from the hopper directly,without a long path into the sprayer. Funnels, hoppers and top tanks are available for most Wagner Airless paint [...]

Two-headed Spray Lance for Airless Paint Sprayers

By |2019-11-21T17:36:35+00:0011/21/2019|Accessories|

At the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry, England, one of the UK's largest trade shows in the painting trade, we have discovered a two-headed spray gun for Airless paint sprayers. We were also on the stand of PaintTech with Chris Berry aka Idaho Painter's two-headed lance. Two-headed spray lance for Airless paint [...]

Graco XForce or Ultra Handheld? Airless Battery Operated Comparison

By |2019-11-20T18:12:20+00:0011/20/2019|Uncategorized|

Graco XForce or Ultra & UltraMax? That was the request of a customer. He was unsure which of the battery-powered airless hand sprayers is most suitable for his purposes Graco XForce HD The Graco XForce HD was the first battery-powered airless device that Graco has brought onto the market. It brings with it amazing power [...]