We test the battery life of the Graco Classic 390 Cordless pump. This airless sprayer is the latest innovation from manufacturer Graco in the field of battery powered sprayers. According to the manufacturer, one battery charge will spray about 3 gallons (a little over 12 liters).

In a practical test, we will verify this information. To do this, we tested the airless sprayer extensively with water, varnish and interior wall paint.

Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless

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Test with the Graco Classic 390 Cordless

We first tested the Graco Classic 390 Cordless with water to see how long a battery lasts. We then sprayed interior dispersion paint on a wall surface in our training center.

We used a Graco LP nozzle size 517 and then tested the battery’s performance with lacquer on door panels.

Test der Graco Classic 390 Cordless mit Lack

Test of the Graco Classic 390 Cordless with lacquer

What is the battery life of the Graco Classic 390 Cordless?

The performance of the battery depends on various factors such as:

  • The viscosity of the paint
  • The pressure setting
  • The choice of the nozzle

These naturally influence the use of the motor and therefore the energy consumption. We therefore tested different materials and nozzles. With water, we reached almost 15 liters per battery charge.

With lacquer and interior wall paint, it was a little less, but still a little more than the 12-liter value stated by the manufacturer.

Ladegerät & Akku der Graco Classic 390 Cordless

Graco Classic 390 Cordless charger and battery

For which applications is the Graco Classic 390 Cordless suitable?

The advantage of the Graco Classic 390 Cordless is its mobility and independence from a direct power source. The disadvantage is the limited flow rate of 12 liters per battery charge.

Two rechargeable batteries are included in the delivery, bringing the total to 24 liters, although some reserves should be kept for cleaning the sprayer after the actual work.

However, the operating range can easily be increased by using additional Dewalt batteries. Graco also provides a quick charger that fully recharges the battery in 60 minutes.

Akku der Graco Classic 390 Cordless

Battery life of the Graco Classic 390 Cordless

Obviously, the Graco Classic 390 Cordless is not suitable for large indoor wall painting projects, but rather for small mobile projects without power. These are primarily paint jobs such as under-roof cladding, fencing or garden arbors.

Small projects with wall paint are also possible, although electricity is usually available in these cases. Other areas of application are floor and parking lot markings, where special signs (e.g., a bike path, electronic charging station, stop signs) are sprayed with stencils.

The independence from an energy source can also be useful for the hydrophobicization of sandstone buildings or monuments. The same applies to graffiti protection.


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