Graco Contractor PC Cartridge Change – Airless Q&A #17

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How to change the Graco Contractor PC cartridge Follow the safety pressure relief procedure. Remove the spray tip holder. Release the trigger mechanism by pressing on either side of the trigger and pulling upwards. Twist the cartridge anti-clockwise until it pops out.  Spare parts information and order guide To help you with your Graco [...]

Hose Whip for Airless Spraying – Airless Q&A #14

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Airless Q&A #14 - In the new video of our series "Airless Q&A" we discuss hose whips on paint sprayers. A hose whip is mounted between the hose and the gun, giving more freedom of movement and flexibility. The hand is relieved of the full wight of the main hose, the optimal distance and angle [...]

Graco CleanShot Optimal Adjustments – Anti-spitting Valve – Airless Q&A #7

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Previously we have shown how spitting and paint globules can develop when working with Airless lances. We’ve outlined spraying techniques and methods for how to prevent this from happening. One option we suggested was using an anti-spitting valve such as the Graco CleanShot valve. This solution became a popular choice amongst painters, however, a new [...]

Graco O-ring Inlet Valve Housing Defective – Paint Leaks – Airless Q&A #2

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In the second part of our new future interactive video series "Questions and Answers, Q&A" we show you how you can change the Graco O-ring of the inlet valve housing in Graco Airless piston pumps. We received a question regarding this from a customer: his Graco Airless sprayer was leaking paint from above the intake [...]

How to Change the Graco GX21 Fuse – Airless Q&A #1

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Graco GX21 Fuse. Most electric devices have a fuse in it and the Graco GX21, like most electric Airless paint spraying pumps, is no exception. There might therefore be occasions when you will have to change the fuse, because these components can break over time and when the fuse is blown or damaged, the Airless [...]

Video: Hyde telescopic airless paint spray extension up to 3.8 m

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At the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry, England, where we were last week, we discovered a new airless paint spray extension that you can extend to a length of up to 3.80 m. The Idaho Painter, who was there with us, gave a little demonstration of this extension in the SprayZone mounted by [...]

Two-headed Extension for Airless Paint Sprayers

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At the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry, England, one of the largest painting fairs worldwide, we have discovered a two-headed extension for airless paint sprayers. We were behind the stand of PaintTech when Chris Berry (also known as the Idaho Painter) showed the two-headed lance. What are the advantages of a two-headed extension? [...]

Reduce Downtime of Airless Equipment – Preparing and Planning Properly

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Using airless spraying equipment allows a painter to achieve efficiently large surface coverage, improved performance and a very high surface quality, while saving you time and thus improved results and better profits, provided you know how to reduce downtime. If you can do more work in the same time, the bottom line naturally and effortlessly [...]

Spray Lance for Plaster Spraying Ceilings using the Graco T-Max 506 & 657

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Today we received an interesting question about the Graco T-Max 506 and T-Max 657. Both are powerful plaster sprayers with which plaster or filler can be applied to walls and ceilings over a large area and in a time-saving manner. The request revolves around the possibility of attaching extensions or lances to the spray gun [...]

AirCoat Hose for Wagner Paint Sprayer

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Looking for a suitable AirCoat hose for the Wagner paint sprayer? Here is an overview of the different hose variants for AirCoat paint sprayers. Wagner AirCoat Hose What is an AirCoat hose and how does it work?  An AirCoat hose is attached to an AirCoat paint sprayer between the paint sprayer and the spray gun. The AirCoat [...]