AirCoat Hose for Wagner Paint Sprayer

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Looking for a suitable AirCoat hose for the Wagner paint sprayer? Here is an overview of the different hose variants for AirCoat paint sprayers. Wagner AirCoat Hose What is an AirCoat hose and how does it work?  An AirCoat hose is attached to an AirCoat paint sprayer between the paint sprayer and the spray gun. The AirCoat [...]

Testing out the Wagner SpeedShield “pizza wheel”

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We had a Spray & Play Day a few days go and our guests really really wanted to try out the Wagner SpeedShield, also know as the Wagner "pizza roller". Here you can have a glimpse of what we did. What is the Wagner SpeedShield "pizza wheel" and how does it work? The Wagner SpeedShield [...]

Prevent Spit Effects and Splashes with Airless – Anti-Spit Valves

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Anyone who works regularly with long airless lances is familiar with the problem of spits and splashes. These imperfections in the spray pattern increase the longer the spray lance is used. The splashes and spits non only spoil your fun while you are at the job, but also provide a poorer finish. In the following [...]

How to Make the Most Out of Spray Extensions and Joints for Airless

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Spray extensions and joints for airless can help to control the spray jet and to achieve a high quality surface. In addition, they can be functional in obtaining a more even spray pattern and significantly reducing overspray. Why use swivel joints on extensions? Joints are mainly used with airless spray extensions. The joints are usually [...]

Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21 – Spare parts and technical drawing

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In this article we are going to look at the spare parts and the technical drawing of the Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21, a very popular and handy airless paint sprayer. Here you can see a section of the technical drawing and in the table below we show the most common spare parts. The desired replacement [...]

How to choose the right Airless nozzle for your Airless paint sprayer

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This article covers the main factors for choosing the right airless nozzle, using several examples from machines like DEMA, Rotenbach, Dino Power and other airless paint sprayers, that you can often find on Ebay and Amazon. We also have information and links for brands such as Wagner, Graco and FARBMAX. Selecting the right airless nozzle [...]

Airless Discounter поставляет запчасти Graco в Казахстан!

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Одна из самых крутых вещей о работе для интернет-магазина заключается в том, что у вас есть заказы из всего мира: мир - ваш клиент, ваши горизонты глобальны. Мы в Airless Discounter поставляем оборудование для безвоздушного распыления краски и запасные части по всему миру, благодаря DHL. И на днях мы получили заказ из Казахстана, через наш [...]

Airless Discounter delivers Graco spare parts to Kazakhstan too!

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One of the most exciting things about running an online shop is that you have customers worldwide - the world is your client, your horizons are global. We at Airless Discounter delivery airless paint spraying equipment and spare parts all across the globe, thanks to DHL. And just the other day we received an order [...]

Wagner Control Pro 250 & 350 HEA – Accessories & Spare Parts

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In the following article we give a detailed overview of the most important accessories and replacement parts for the Wagner Control Pro spray painters like the Control Pro 250 and the Control Pro 350. In addition to information on the available HEA nozzles and how to choose the right one for your, the article provides [...]

Spare parts for airless sprayers Wagner Control Pro 250 & 350

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Here we provide an overview of the available wear and spare parts for the Wagner ControlPro 250 & 350 HEA paint sprayers. Please note: only a limited number of components are available as spare parts for the Wagner ControlPro line. The most important wear parts are the inlet valve and the outlet valve. Components such [...]