Graco ST Max II 495 PC PRO – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

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In the following article, you will find a list of the most important spare parts of the Graco ST Max II 495 PC PRO airless sprayer in its standard version. The technical drawing below will help you quickly find the spare parts and wear parts you are looking for, [...]

Container Connection for Airless Paint Sprayers – Airless Q&A #22

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The suction of paint and plaster directly from the container offers some advantages when you have larger projects when working with Airless devices. When material is delivered directly to the construction site in the container, simply connect the container to the Airless device and off you go. All that is needed is the right intake [...]

My Airless Nozzle Does Not Fit in My Nozzle Holder – Airless Q&A #21

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Following a request from one of our customers, we thought that this article could be useful to you. As you know. our FARBMAX nozzles and nozzle holders are a financially attractive alternative to similar products from the Graco and Wagner ranges. Unless otherwise stated, an Airless spray nozzle is conventional in shape and reversible. If [...]

Wagner Hose Whip for Airless Paint Sprayers

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We have created an overview table for Wagner hose whips for Airless sprayers, so that your desired Wagner hose whip can be quickly and easily selected and ordered. When selecting the suitable hose whip, please consider the thread, the inside diameter and the desired length.   Thread Inner diameter 1 m 2,5 m M16 x [...]

Ultimate Airless Spray Tip Guide for Painters & Decorators

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Our Airless spray tip guide comprises the video below and our article. We also have tables to assist you with choosing the right tip depending on the application or identifying the spray tip itself.   1. How to choose an Airless spray tip Check the Technical Data Sheet, TDS of the material you are using [...]

Graco Contractor PC Cartridge Change – Airless Q&A #17

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How to change the Graco Contractor PC cartridge Follow the safety pressure relief procedure. Remove the spray tip holder. Release the trigger mechanism by pressing on either side of the trigger and pulling upwards. Twist the cartridge anti-clockwise until it pops out.  Spare parts information and order guide To help you with your Graco [...]

Hose Whip for Airless Spraying – Airless Q&A #14

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Airless Q&A #14 - In the new video of our series "Airless Q&A" we discuss hose whips on paint sprayers. A hose whip is mounted between the hose and the gun, giving more freedom of movement and flexibility. The hand is relieved of the full wight of the main hose, the optimal distance and angle [...]

Graco CleanShot Optimal Adjustments – Anti-spitting Valve – Airless Q&A #7

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Previously we have shown how spitting and paint globules can develop when working with Airless lances. We’ve outlined spraying techniques and methods for how to prevent this from happening. One option we suggested was using an anti-spitting valve such as the Graco CleanShot valve. This solution became a popular choice amongst painters, however, a new [...]

Graco O-ring Inlet Valve Housing Defective – Paint Leaks – Airless Q&A #2

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In the second part of our new future interactive video series "Questions and Answers, Q&A" we show you how you can change the Graco O-ring of the inlet valve housing in Graco Airless piston pumps. We received a question regarding this from a customer: his Graco Airless sprayer was leaking paint from above the intake [...]