What is a paint gun pressure gauge?

By |2021-09-09T11:32:14+00:0009/09/2021|Airless Paint Sprayers, General|

# paint gun pressure gauge A pressure gauge is a scientific instrument or manometer that measures pressure. This pressure can be in liquid, gas, vapor, etc. In our field of activity, a paint gun pressure gauge is used to know the exact pressure used during your airless spraying. Even though digital displays are becoming more and [...]

Graco HVLP SmartStart Doesn’t Turn Off – Airless Q&A #23

By |2021-08-11T06:30:45+00:0008/11/2021|How to Spray, Airless Paint Sprayers|

The most likely cause for your SmartStart function not to work is air leaking from the hose or spray gun. In this article and video, we will guide you through troubleshooting tips for checking and resolving your Smartstart function not working properly on your Graco TurboForce II FinishPro HVLP 9.5. What is HVLP SmartStart? SmartStart [...]

How long does it take to paint a room? Roller versus Airless spraying

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Today's article is a side-by-side video comparison of Airless paint spraying versus traditional brushing and rolling. https://youtu.be/wkwNk2MCQSo How long does it take to paint a room? For a standard room, if you begin by cutting in above the trim, below the ceilings and around the window- and door frames, followed by rolling the walls, [...]

Stain or varnish? Choosing and applying the right material

By |2021-08-04T14:49:29+00:0008/04/2021|Airless Paint Sprayers, General|

Understanding the difference between a stain and a varnish means knowing when to use one or the other to achieve the finish you are looking for. Here we explain the characteristics and differences of each material so that you can see when and why to use them. We will also show you how to properly [...]

Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless – the airless pump on battery

By |2021-06-23T07:44:44+00:0006/01/2021|Airless Paint Sprayers, Graco|

With the new Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless pump (part number 25T863), Graco offers the first professional battery-operated airless device. It is now possible to use an airless pump in places where no electrical power is available, without having to use a generator or a thermal airless pump. Despite the battery, the sprayer remains light [...]

Graco Classic 390 PC – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

By |2021-05-31T14:45:52+00:0005/31/2021|Graco, Airless Paint Sprayers, Spare parts|

The following technical drawings will help you quickly find and order the spare parts and wear parts you need. The key spare parts of the Graco Classic 390 PC airless sprayer (standard version) are listed below. These apply to several model numbers, which are listed at the bottom of the article. Spare parts of the [...]

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