Airless Spray Tips

My Airless Nozzle Does Not Fit in My Nozzle Holder – Airless Q&A #21

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Following a request from one of our customers, we thought that this article could be useful to you. As you know. our FARBMAX nozzles and nozzle holders are a financially attractive alternative to similar products from the Graco and Wagner ranges. Unless otherwise stated, an Airless spray nozzle is conventional in shape and reversible. If [...]

How to Clean a Clogged RAC Spray Tip – Airless Q&A #19

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A clogged RAC spray tip is easy to clean with its "Reverse-and-Clean" feature. For those new to spraying, see how its done in the video below! We've included spray tip cleaning products and links so that you can store your spray tips properly too! What does RAC mean? RAC stands for reverse-and-clean. A short burst [...]

Ultimate Airless Spray Tip Guide for Painters & Decorators

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Our Airless spray tip guide comprises the video below and our article. We also have tables to assist you with choosing the right tip depending on the application or identifying the spray tip itself.   1. How to choose an Airless spray tip Check the Technical Data Sheet, TDS of the material you are using [...]

Airless Nozzle Worn Out? Replace the Nozzle In Good Time – Airless Q&A #6

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The wear and tear of Airless nozzles is often times underestimated because most users are unaware of the negative effects of worn nozzles. "The nozzle is still working", we hear from many customers who come to our service centre with their paint spraying equipment. Often this is unfortunately not the case, because the majority of [...]

AirCoat Air Cap for Wagner AirCoat Spray Gun

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Searching for the AirCoat Air Cap for your Wagner AirCoat spray gun? Here is a complete overview of all AirCoat Air Caps for the different Wagner spray gun models. If required, the desired AirCoat Air Cap can be ordered directly in our online shop and delivered quickly. What is an AirCoat Air Cap? The AirCoat [...]

Introducing the New Graco LP Spray Tip

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Following the success of the fine finish low pressure spray tips introduced last year in 2017, Graco has launched the new Graco LP Spray Tip range with larger bore holes (orifice), slightly wider spray fan widths and handling a flow rate of up to 4 times more. You can identify the RAC X FF LP [...]

How To Clean Airless Spray Nozzles

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After purchasing your new spray nozzle and enjoying a perfect spray pattern for many hours, the nozzle may become clogged or the delivery of paint onto the surface might deteriorate. This is not as terrible as it seems, the spray nozzle simply needs a good clean, but how? Let's have a look how to clean Airless [...]

How to Choose the Right Airless Nozzle for your Airless Paint Sprayer

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This article covers the main factors for choosing the right Airless nozzle, using several examples from machines like DEMA, Rotenbach, Dino Power and other airless paint sprayers, that you can often find on Ebay and Amazon. We also have information and links for brands such as Wagner, Graco and FARBMAX. Selecting the right airless nozzle [...]

How to Change Graco RAC X Seal with Video Instructions

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How to change the seal in a Graco RAC X tip (nozzle) holder? The steps are quite simple once you know how the Graco RAC X seal tip, nozzle and tip holder are put together. We received a request from a customer to take him through how to change the tip seal, [...]