Two Great Habits for Airless Spray Gun Safety – Airless Q&A #16

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Safety is exciting! That's right, I said it. There is nothing more professional, more BOSS, than handling your equipment in a manner that keeps you and your fellow workmen safe and secure. The thing is, we all "know" what the safety procedures are, so why do accidents still happen? Often its carelessness or lack of [...]

Spraying with Whitewash, Lime Paint or Chalk Paint – Airless Q&A #12

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In the 12th video of our question and answer video series "Airless Q&A" we are dealing with a request on the topic of lime paint. Lime- and chalk paints have always been used as a coating. Many of our agricultural customers use lime coatings to whitewash their barns. In recent years, however, limescale has developed [...]

To Cut In or Not to Cut In When Airless Paint Spraying – Airless Q&A #11

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The latest Airless Q&A video addresses cutting in. Some painters are still cutting in when working with Airless sprayers, but is it neccessary?  Cutting in & Airless - is this necessary? When working with a regular paint roller, some edges are not easily covered with material (such as a wall surface alongside a door [...]

Storing your Airless Sprayer in Winter – Prevent Freezing in Airless Sprayers – Airless Q&A #3

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Winter is here! Great news for polar bears, not so good for your Airless paint spraying equipment. During colder parts of the year, we regularly receive Airless sprayers with frost damage in our workshop. Therefore, in the third episode of our video series "Airless Q&A", we have summarized the most important tips to bring your [...]

A Visit to the National Painting and Decorating Show 2018 in Coventry – Airless Discounter

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On the 27th and 28th of November 2018, the trade fair for the painting trade "National Painting and Decorating Show 2018" took place in Coventry, Great Britain. We visited the fair to get an overview of the developments and trends in the English market and present you the first impression and overview of the fair [...]

Amazon Painting: Will Amazon take over the painting trade?

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Will there soon be something of the sort of Amazon Painting Services? Will painters soon have to deal with one big giant monololistic competitor, the Amazon Painting Company? We have recently come across an article by the German Professor Henning Vöpel on the chances and risks of digitalization for different trades (you can read the [...]

Hourly Rate Airless Paint Spraying – Cost Calculation

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In our Facebook group Tips & Tricks Airless sprayers a question came up today on the hourly rate of Airless sprayers. The question was: Hello Airless community. Who can give me a sensible statement about the hourly rate of using an Airless sprayer? With values ​​such as: useful life in hours, maintenance fee, etc. for example [...]

PaintTech Academy Supports our Training Workshops

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The PaintTech Academy is responsible for several Airless spraying training centers in the UK and Ireland. Our team went to England for a weekend to speak with the founder, learn about his training methods and get a hands on demonstration of his Workshop workflow. Our team went for a weekend to visit the [...]

Renovating Kitchens With An Airless Paint Sprayer

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Do you need a painter for renovating kitchens? On a recent trip to the UK, we noticed that there seemed to be a lot of painters offering the renovation and refurbishment of kitchens among their services. This seemed to be mainly about the renovation of fitted kitchens, with the cabinet sides and the cabinet front [...]

Automation In the Painting Trade – Painting Robot

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Automation in the painting trade is, as in almost all industries, a big topic. Some research institutes, universities and private investors are currently working on projects to automate the painting industry through robots that can undertake painting work. Interesting, but how realistic is it to automate in the painting industry? What are the new developments [...]