Graco G40 Spray Gun with RAC X FF LP Reversible Tip Tested

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The Graco G40 is one of the most known air-assisted spray guns on the market. As a rule, this type of guns are used with "flat" spray tips. However, over the last couple of years there has been an increase in the usage of air-combination / air-assisted spray gun operating with the sort of reversible [...]

Testing the Graco TexSpray FastFinish Pro

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We had our first overview of the Graco TexSpray FastFinish Pro. In our training and testing center, we had the opportunity to test this device a bit more closely. The TexSpray FastFinish Pro is used to create textured surfaces in the decorative area including materials such as acoustic plaster up to 3 mm grain size. [...]

Video: Hyde telescopic airless paint spray extension up to 3.8 m

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At the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry, England, where we were last week, we discovered a new airless paint spray extension that you can extend to a length of up to 3.80 m. The Idaho Painter, who was there with us, gave a little demonstration of this extension in the SprayZone mounted by [...]

Changing the pump Graco Ultra & UltraMax – Video

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In the article we will provide you with the necessary instruction for changing the pump Graco Ultra & UltraMax. Wear can damage the pump sometimes you can get an error message, with the light below the pressure control flashing four times, indicating that the pump is blocked. In this case, the pump has reached its [...]

Testing out the Wagner SpeedShield “pizza wheel”

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We had a Spray & Play Day a few days go and our guests really really wanted to try out the Wagner SpeedShield, also know as the Wagner "pizza roller". Here you can have a glimpse of what we did. What is the Wagner SpeedShield "pizza wheel" and how does it work? The Wagner SpeedShield [...]

What is the Difference Between Graco RAC X FF LP and Graco RAC X LP nozzles?

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One of our clients asked us to explain the difference between a Graco RAC X FF LP nozzle and a Graco RAC X LP nozzle. In the following article we give a quick overview of the features, peculiarities and differences between the FF LP and the LP nozzles. What are the advantages of LP technology? [...]

How to Change Graco RAC X Seal with Video Instructions

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How to change the seal in a Graco RAC X tip (nozzle) holder? The steps are quite simple once you know how the Graco RAC X seal tip, nozzle and tip holder are put together. We received a request from a customer to take him through how to change the tip seal, [...]

4 Top Tips for Buying an Airless Sprayer with Airless Discounter

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Choosing your first Airless sprayer can be a duanting task, especially for those on a budget. The price tag of some machines might seem quite expensive for those not accustomed to professional paint spraying equipment. What other costs must be factored in? We look into the common expenses for buying an airless sprayer and keeping [...]

Are you still spray painting or you painting drone already?

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The company Apellix from Jacksonville, Florida is working on a painting drone. We have seen similar things before. The project is still in the development and testing phase, but a first video of a test flight has already appeared. The video shows the model Worker Bee. The manufacturer describes the Worker Bee as a "wired, [...]