Testing out the Wagner SpeedShield “pizza wheel”

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We had a Spray & Play Day a few days go and our guests really really wanted to try out the Wagner SpeedShield, also know as the Wagner "pizza roller". Here you can have a glimpse of what we did. What is the Wagner SpeedShield "pizza wheel" and how does it work? The Wagner SpeedShield [...]

What is the Difference Between Graco RAC X FF LP and Graco RAC X LP nozzles?

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One of our clients asked us to explain the difference between a Graco RAC X FF LP nozzle and a Graco RAC X LP nozzle. In the following article we give a quick overview of the features, peculiarities and differences between the FF LP and the LP nozzles. What are the advantages of LP technology? [...]

How to Change Graco RAC X Seal with Video Instructions

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How to change the seal in a Graco RAC X tip (nozzle) holder? The steps are quite simple once you know how the Graco RAC X seal tip, nozzle and tip holder are put together. We received a request from a customer to take him through how to change the tip seal, [...]

4 Top Tips for Buying an Airless Sprayer with Airless Discounter

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Choosing your first Airless sprayer can be a duanting task, especially for those on a budget. The price tag of some machines might seem quite expensive for those not accustomed to professional paint spraying equipment. What other costs must be factored in? We look into the common expenses for buying an airless sprayer and keeping [...]

Are you still spray painting or you painting drone already?

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The company Apellix from Jacksonville, Florida is working on a painting drone. We have seen similar things before. The project is still in the development and testing phase, but a first video of a test flight has already appeared. The video shows the model Worker Bee. The manufacturer describes the Worker Bee as a "wired, [...]

Graco Magnum Airless Paint Sprayers – Comparison & Overview

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Graco introduced the Graco Magnum Series as entry level airless sprayer models for the hobbyist and beginner painters and are currently available for purchase at Hornbach. Although we do not usually feature these entry-level paint sprayers on our product catalog, we do get many questions about these models and thought it would be great to share with you [...]

Wagner HEA Control Pro 250 & 350: An Overview

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In the last few days we started receiving a lot of questions about the new Wagner Control Pro 250 and 350 Airless paint sprayers. There seems to be some confusion due to the multitude of submodels and versions (R, M and Extra). Therefore, we want to provide a detailed overview of the model variants, their [...]

How Fast Can You Paint a Room with an Airless Paint Sprayer?

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Time and cost efficiency are important factors in the decision to use an airless paint sprayer to paint a room. In the ideal case, the cost of an airless paint spraying system should be quickly covered by the savings in working time and labor costs. For the calculation of the possible advantages when using an [...]

Video: Spray Painting Without Overspray – Getting the Spray Pressure Right

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Hello painters and decorators! We continue our investigation into reducing overspray, by finding the optimal spray pressure. In the third part of the video below, we experiment with different spray pressures, what to look for when optimizing spray pressure for your job requirement. This is a theme we also explored in a previous blog post. [...]