Graco GX21 Fuse. Most electric devices have a fuse in it and the Graco GX21, like most electric Airless paint spraying pumps, is no exception. There might therefore be occasions when you will have to change the fuse, because these components can break over time and when the fuse is blown or damaged, the Airless device stops and is unable to work. Should your sprayer not be working, the fuse might the first places to check and likely you will have to replace it.

In this new series starting today called Questions and Answers, Q&A we are going to discuss your questions and issues with regards to Airless paint spraying that we have gathered from comments from our youTube videos, Facebook groups and from customer queries over the phone or Messenger/WhatsApp.

What part do you need to repair the fuse on your Graco GX21?

For the 220 V version of the Graco GX21 the right fuse has the Graco item no. 129882 (Graco GX21 Fuse).

How to change the fuse on your Graco GX21?

Here all the steps that you need to change the fuse on your Graco GX21 (watch the video above):

  • check that the sprayer is disconnected from the power supply
  • unscrew cup (otherwise you can not remove the housing cover)
  • remove screws on housing cover and remove cover
  • remove fuse and check it, replace if necessary
  • here you can reorder the fuse – order here (fuse Graco GX21)
  • replace the housing cover and screw it in place
  • mount the cup
  • perform a function test

Other problems that can occur with the Graco GX21

In addition to a damaged fuse, of course, further problems can occur with an electric pump like the Graco GX 2. We have talked in detail about the most common problems and how to solve them in the article here. To summarize:

  • clogged filters and sieves
  • pump and packing are worn or damaged
  • inlet valve is dirty or damaged
  • exit valve damaged, dirty or worn
  • Spray / prime is clogged or damaged
  • intake hose damaged or leaking
  • material too thick for this pump or spray tip too small
  • spray tip is clogged, worn, material does not go through
  • tip seals are missing or damaged

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