How to change the seal in a Graco RAC X tip (nozzle) holder?


The steps are quite simple once you know how the Graco RAC X seal tip, nozzle and tip holder are put together. We received a request from a customer to take him through how to change the tip seal, our response summary is listed below, and we have included a short video for those that enjoy a visual instruction instead.

1. Compress metal gasket (saddle) and plastic gasket – this is the small circular metal piece with a hole in it and a black plastic ring.

2. Place seals at the base of the tip (nozzle)

3. Hold the tip holder in one hand with the metal nut pointing towards you (as if it would spray into your hand), and insert seals into the tip (nozzle) holder

4. Position the seals and withdraw the tip (nozzle)

5. Insert the tip (nozzle) into the tip (nozzle) holder

6. Screw the nozzle holder onto the gun

Where do you get replacement seals for the Graco RAC X tip (nozzle) holder?

Replacement seals are supplied with each nozzle. Should further seals be needed, these can be ordered directly at our online shop. Two sealing systems are available for the Graco RAC X nozzle holder. The standard black gaskets (see picture) and orange seals, which are especially suitable for solvent-based paints and paints.

Learn all about spray tip and spray tip holder compatibility in our Spray tip guide here (article).

Graco RAC X OneSeal

Graco RAC X seal “OneSeal”

Seals for other Graco nozzle systems such as Graco RAC V or Graco XHD as well as gaskets for Wagner nozzles are also available in our shop in the category gasket nozzles.

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