You certainly know the problem: your spray fan is coming out perfectly with your new spray tip, yet after a couple of hours, the tip is so stuffed with paint or other material than it is almost impossible to continue working with it. This is not as terrible as it seems, the spray tip simply needs a good clean, but how? Let’s have a look how to clean Airless spray tips.

How to clean airless spray tips?

To clean the tip, generally a cleansing agent is used with a special container, shaped like an egg-timer: you put in it your spray tip, turn it upside down and let the cleansing agent do its job. Just let the spray tip sit in the container from 15 minutes up to 1 hour. Sometimes special cleaning needles are employed to clean the tip hole. You can take a look for yourself here, thanks to our partner and friend Elliot the painter.

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Cleaning Needles for Spray Tipsorder here.

If you have questions regarding spray tips or spray painting in general, check out our blog to see if you find the answer your need or send us a message through our contact from. Happy Monday from Airless Discounter!