Today we look at cleaning the Graco GX 21 paint sprayer. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning their equipment, yet it’s a necessary step if you want to keep it operational.

In this article, we show you step by step how to properly clean your Graco GX 21 pump quickly, so it’s always ready for use.

Bien nettoyer sa pompe Graco GX 21 – Trucs Airless #63

Step #1 – Rinse the paint off the Graco GX 21

Prior to this cleaning, we painted with an acrylic paint, so a water soluble interior wall paint. So we clean the material also with water.

For the complete cleaning, we need three buckets: a bucket for the paint, an empty bucket for the dirty water and a bucket of fresh water to rinse the device.

The first step is to get the paint out of the pump and rinse it with water. To do this, we need two buckets. A paint bucket to pump the remaining paint out of the Graco GX 21 and a water bucket to rinse the equipment. We separate the suction hose from the return hose and hook the suction hose into the water bucket and the return hose into the paint bucket. The paint residues must be removed from the suction hose.

Graco GX 21 - Farbe aus dem Spritzgerät spülen

Graco GX 21 – Rinsing paint from sprayer

Next, the discharge valve must be opened, which is necessary so that the residual paint from the pump can return to the paint can via the return hose. To do this, water is sucked into the pump. The paint then flows into the paint can via the return hose. Do this until some water comes out. To do this, the sprayer must be turned on and the pressure must be increased slightly. The pump sucks and the paint is expelled. As soon as some water comes out of the return hose, you can reduce the pressure.

Step #2 – Rinse the paint off the GX 21 hose

The next step is to rinse the paint from the hose and gun. To do this, it is best to remove the nozzle holder and nozzle from the gun. Next, close the discharge valve so that the paint is pushed to the front of the gun.

Then hold the gun tightly in the paint can. It is best to pull the trigger so that the paint stream hits the wall of the bucket and is broken up without causing splattering. Then increase the pressure slightly: water is sucked in and pushed through the high-pressure hose until water comes out of the gun.

Then turn down the pressure and remove the paint from the gun and hose. The paint bucket is no longer needed and you can now replace it with the empty dirty water bucket.

Graco GX 21 - Farbe aus dem Schlauch spülen

Graco GX 21 – Rinse paint from hose

Step #3 – Flush the GX 21 pump and hose with water

If necessary, simply run a few more liters of water through the pump depending on how dirty the airless sprayer is. Then you can rinse the hose and gun. Aim the jet at the wall of the bucket to avoid splashing.

Next, switch the relief valve so that the pressure goes before the gun. Increase the pressure slightly so that the water is sucked up and pushed toward the gun. Then, depending on the amount of dirt, run two or three more quarts until you feel you have cleaned the equipment sufficiently.

Graco GX 21 - Entlastungsventil schließen

Graco GX 21 – Relief Valve Closure

Step #4 – Clean the suction hose and filter

Finally, the suction system and the return pipe must be cleaned. This can be done with a sponge, cloth or brush. The filters and strainer are also cleaned and cleaned of paint residues.

Remove the filter from the gun to clean it, replace it if necessary, as well as the main filter. Then rinse the whole thing again with two or three liters of clean water to get the sprayer really clean. Clean the nozzle holder and nozzle separately. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be filled with a preservative (e.g. Graco Pump Armor or FARBMAX maintenance fluid).

Graco GX 21 - Gerätefilter reinigen

Graco GX 21 – Cleaning the primary filter

This way, the Graco GX 21 can be thoroughly cleaned in minutes. Here are some cleaning products for a quick cleaning:

Here you will find filters suitable for the Graco GX 21, in case they need to be replaced:

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