Brillux Germany recently published an interesting video about the conversion of the Wagner SF 23 Select pump from airless to aircoat (see our blog post: What is aircoat?). We received a few questions about this, as it was not clear from the video what components are needed to perform the conversion from airless to aircoat.

In the following article, we will provide you with the necessary information about the components (pressure control unit, double hose and aircoat gun) and give additional information about the components and assembly. These instructions are also valid for all other Wagner SF 23 models such as the Wagner SF 23 Pro or the Wagner SF 23 Plus as well as for many other airless devices that can be converted in the same way.


What are the components needed to switch from airless to aircoat?

In addition to a compressor for the compressed air, a few other components are required to convert the Wagner SF 23 airless device into an aircoat spraying device.

Here is an overview of the various components required, together with a detailed explanation of how they work and how to fit them.

conversion pompe aircoat

Pressure regulation unit to switch from airless to aircoat

The pressure control unit is mounted on the frame of the SF 23 and serves to control the air supply. The air supply (via a hose) is connected to the compressor on one side. The control unit allows the compressed air supply to be precisely controlled. As a rule, a low pressure of less than 2 bar is sufficient.

On the other side of the pressure control unit, the air hose of the double hose is connected. It is important to be careful, because sometimes the air hose can be mistaken for the paint hose.

In the following video you will find quick instructions for the assembly of the pressure regulation unit :

Double hose to switch from airless to aircoat

The double hose is 7.5 m long and is needed to supply the Aircoat gun with air from the compressor and paint from the Airless unit. The blue hose is the air hose, the yellow hose carries the paint. It is important to connect the air hose to the airless equipment and to the paint gun with the fittings that carry the air or paint. Otherwise, paint may enter the air hose and the hose and gun may become contaminated and damaged.

Wagner AirCoat Doppelschlauch

Wagner AirCoat double hose

Aircoat gun for the Wagner SF 23 pump

The appropriate Aircoat gun is the Wagner GM 4600 AC with its double connection for air (right) and material (left in the photo below). In the handle of the gun there is a filter which must be cleaned or replaced regularly. The Aircoat nozzle, which should be selected according to the paint, is located at the front of the gun.

In addition, there is an air cap at the front of the gun to regulate the air supply. We have compiled detailed information on air caps in the blog post: Air inlet valves for Wagner AirCoat guns

Wagner GM 4600 Aircoat-Pistole

The Wagner GM 4600 Aircoat Gun


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