The latest Airless Q&A video addresses cutting in. Some painters are still cutting in when working with Airless sprayers, but is it necessary?

Cutting in & Airless – is this necessary?

When working with a regular paint roller, some edges are not easily covered with material (such as a wall surface alongside a door frame) this makes it difficult to reach with the paint roller. These edges is where we usually cut in the area – painting with a smaller paint roller or brush along the edge, before the larger area is then rolled with the paint roller.

When using Airless devices, this working technique is not necessary, as you can spray these corner or edge areas well with the spray jet instead. If an area is difficult to reach, you can use spray lances and swivel joints (such as the Graco CleanShot).

Disadvantages cutting in when using Airless

We have already mentioned that cutting in is uneccessary when using Airless. There would even be some disadvantages if trying to use an Airless sprayer using old paint & roller techniques. The edged areas would be sprayed with material twice, applying a second unnecessary coat and consuming more material.

Save time and material by NOT cutting in and only spraying once – unless your job requirement or paint requires more coats.

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