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Facade paint is the last coating in the thermal insulation system, i.e. after the traditional plastering applied to brick or block walls. And as such, it is the most exposed to harsh weather conditions – rain, sun and frost.

In this article, we will give you a lot of information about which facade paint to choose for your house and the specific airless pump models suitable for this particular material.

façade paint

Why is it important to protect your exterior walls with a good façade paint?

The most important point is that high quality paint lasts longer. It gives a smoother, more uniform look that can last twice as long as a cheaper paint. Even if the cost of the paint is higher initially, you will save money in the long run because you won’t have to repaint as often.

The coating also offers protection against water. The coating is self-cleaning (dirt is washed off by water/rain) but also breathable. Thanks to the components used in this type of paint, the facades are not a breeding ground for algae and moss.

What are the characteristics of a façade paint?

Its main advantage is that it complements and reinforces the primary properties of the masonry. The paint does not allow moisture to pass through, which means that the walls get wet less, and the building will last longer.

Furthermore, facade paint is hygroscopic. Thanks to this property, the walls do not accumulate condensation that forms due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building. The paint retains its properties over a wide range of temperatures, which is an essential property in regions with hot summers and freezing winters.

Finally, the paint prevents harmful micro-organisms from penetrating the wall and growing, such as algae or mould.

Ravalement d'une façade

How to choose a façade paint?

Paints differ from each other in temperature conditions, maximum humidity indicators and degree of biological protection. Of course, all paints have a maximum shelf life, which usually does not exceed two years.

On the building materials market, there are three types of facade paints for exterior masonry:

  • acrylic paint
  • silicate paint
  • silicone paint

Which airless pumps can be used to paint a façade?

This type of material is much thicker than conventional wall paint. Therefore, it requires a machine with more power and allowing a larger nozzle size and flow rate.

Typically, this type of paint is sprayed with a 0.021″ or 0.023″ nozzle (a 521 or 523 nozzle for example). Due to the high mineral content, silicate façade paint may even require larger nozzles (525).

This suddenly narrows down the list of machines that are good enough to consistently deliver enough paint to the nozzle. For example, we recommend the Graco Utramax 695 II pump and the Farbmax M10 Plus pump. Both of these models meet the minimum performance specifications listed above.

In the article How to paint a facade with an airless sprayer, you will find our recommendations for airless pumps and very practical accessories for applying facade paint mechanically and safely.

Ravalement de façade

Conditions of application

All exterior render facade paints are very demanding on the working conditions. The optimum temperature for painting is between 10 and 25 degrees. It is worth checking the weather forecast before starting work: rain and strong winds can spoil the surface preparation and affect the paint during drying.

If possible, use fast-drying paints, as every hour of extra time means more risk of moisture and excess dust on the surface, which will affect the final appearance.

The preparation of the surface consists of several steps:

  •  cleaning the surface
  • removal of large irregularities
  • application of a primer to improve adhesion
  • application of additional coatings against bacteria, fungi and mould to improve the biological protection of the coating (optional depending on the paint chosen)

Now that you know everything about facade painting, do not hesitate to contact us regarding your airless pump requirements anywhere in Europe.

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