The flow rate in liters of many Graco airless sprayers can be read on the digital display on the unit. With a few clicks, the consumption data can be viewed on the display.

In the following video we show you how this works and explain in this blog post what data can be read.

What data can be read?

Just as it is possible to view the total mileage and distance of the last trip on a car, it is possible to view the total flow rate in liters and the flow rate of the last job on different Graco sprayers.

If you press the button below the screen, the word JOB is displayed. JOB is the last job done. In the video above, you see the number 25, and you multiply that number by 10 to get the actual output in liters of the last job.

The example in the video: 25 x 10 = 250 liters. On the last job, 250 liters of paint were therefore used with this airless. The JOB display can be reset to zero after any period of time in order to correctly measure the next job.

Affichage du dernier job - Compteur de litres sur une pompe airless Graco

Display of the last “JOB” – Liter counter on a Graco airless pump

If the button below the display is pressed twice, the display shows LIFE. This means that the total number of liters sprayed by this airless pump is displayed. This indication cannot be reset to zero.

In the video, the number 71 is displayed. This number must also be multiplied by 10 to get the total power of the airless device. Here is the example: 71 x 10 = 710 liters. The sprayer has therefore processed 710 liters of paint since it was put into operation.

Affichage "LIFE" - Compteur de litres Graco

LIFE” Display – Graco Liter Meter

How can displaying the quantities consumed help when using airless spraying?

JOB displays the quantity consumed during the last job since the reset. It is therefore possible to measure the performance of the work sites in order to better plan them. Moreover, the consumption data can be compared with the purchase data. It can therefore help to better plan the worksites and to value the data.

LIFE can display the total amount of material used by this airless device. This helps to plan maintenance intervals and reduce downtime. The overview of the work done by the pump allows maintenance to be planned in time before the pump breaks down.

How do I view my Graco airless pump’s consumption data?

It’s very simple, one click on the button below the screen and JOB is displayed. JOB represents the amount of material pumped since the last project (reset).

Two clicks on the button below the screen and LIFE appears. This display shows the total amount pumped by the airless device.

Compteur de litres sur l'écran d'un appareil Airless Graco

Liter counter on the screen of a Graco Airless device

Which Graco airless pumps have a flow rate in liters?

Flow readings are available on the following Graco Procontractor models:

  • Graco Ultra Max II 695 Procontractor
  • Graco Ultra Max II 795 Procontractor
  • Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Procontractor
  • Graco Mark V Procontractor
  • Graco Mark VII Procontractor
  • Graco Mark X Procontractor

In addition, there is a Bluetooth function that also allows you to read the consumption data via an app on your smartphone. This function is also available for many other models.

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