What to do if your the Graco Ultra does not spray?

In the following article, we give an overview of the most common malfunctions and offer solutions to restore the function of the pump to working order as soon as possible.

For this we have put together instructions in text, image and video form for you. Links to the required spare parts can be found directly in the description, so that spare parts can be ordered directly.

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Air in the Graco Ultra & UltraMax cup

Graco Ultra and UltraMax sprayers work in a vacuum.

The entire air must be pushed out of the cup until there is only paint in the cup. To do this, open the cap valve (VacuValve) and push out the air.

Care should be taken that the valve is held up and in the highest position so that the air can escape completely.

Graco Ultra & UltraMax - pushing out the air with the VacuValve valve open

By squeezing the FlexLiner cup with the VacuValve open, you let out excess air. Keep the cup squeezed when closing the cap.

Need a new VacuValve? Get one here.

Cup and lid screwed properly? – Graco Ultra & UltraMax does not absorb

If the cup and lid are not properly screwed, air can escape.

As a result, little or no paint will move from the cup into the pump.

As a result, the paint sprayer does not spray.

Paint residue on the lid rim or cup should be removed so that the lid closes properly. If damaged, the cup, lid or, if necessary, the entire cup system must be replaced.

Order suitable accessories directly:

VacuValve vent valve not properly closed or defective – Ultra & UltraMax draws in secondary air

The Graco VacuValve ensures the release of air from the paint cup.

After filling with paint, the cup is screwed to the lid and the cup is connected to the gun. Then open the VacuValve cup valve and press the cup until the remaining air has escaped completely from the cup. If the valve is damaged or soiled, it cannot be closed properly.

There is a risk that air will enter the cup via the valve and no vacuum can be created. Without a vacuum in the cup, the pump cannot be optimally supplied with material.

Therefore, the VacuValve valve should be cleaned or replaced in case of damage. For this you can easily unscrew the black valve and screw on a new VacuValve.

Tip: In addition to cups and nozzles, this component is the most affected by wear. That’s why it’s worth it to have a second one on hand.

Order the Graco VacuValve cap valve directly – click here

Graco VacuValve

Graco VacuValve

White o-ring in the cover is damaged or broken – Graco Ultra & UltraMax will not pump

Another malfunction of the Graco Ultra and UltraMax handheld spray guns may be caused by damage to the rubber seal in the lid.

If the seal is damaged and does not seal properly, air may also enter the cup. The seal is glued to the lid, so in case of damage the entire lid should be replaced.

Covers for water-based and solvent-based paints and inks are available for Graco Ultra and UltraMax sprayers. These can be ordered directly here:

Lid for the cup – Graco Ultra (battery & cable) – click here

Lid for the cup – Graco UltraMax – click here

Graco Flexliner cups are worn – Graco Ultra & UltraMax will not pressurize

The cup inserts for the Graco Ultra and UltraMax handheld sprayers can be used multiple times.

If they are too heavily worn or worn they should be replaced.

Wear and soiling becomes a problem especially when the top of the cup no longer seals properly with the lid.

A hole in the Graco FlexLiner beaker interferes with the function of the sprayer, since no vacuum can be built in the cup.

White O-ring defective - Graco Ultra

White O-ring defective

Graco Cupliner replacement cups are available in packs of 3 and in packs of 25 and can be ordered directly here:

Graco Ultra or UltraMax nozzle clogged, worn or damaged

Graco Ultra and UltraMax sprayers operate on the Graco RAC X FF LP nozzle only.

If these nozzles are clogged, worn or damaged, malfunctions may occur.

If the airless nozzle is clogged, no paint can flow through it.

In this case, the nozzle must be cleaned and the blockage released. For this purpose, the nozzle is rotated 180 degrees and injected. If the blockage can not be solved or already dried, then the nozzle should be replaced. Cleaning containers help to care for the nozzles and to protect against clogging and drying of paint residues.

Wear or mechanical damage can also be detrimental. Due to the wear and abrasion, the nozzle opening becomes larger over time. At some point there are mistakes in the spray pattern. The spray fan and the color distribution is no longer uniform.

It comes to an uneven application of paint, the surface quality deteriorates and it comes to more color mist and a higher ink consumption. Therefore, the nozzles should be changed in time.


Should paint emerge laterally at the nozzle or nozzle holder, the two seals on the nozzle holder are probably defective, do not sit properly or are completely missing.

If the nozzle seals are worn or lost, they can be ordered here directly:

Adhesive screen stuck and clogged – Graco Ultra & UltraMax does not absorb

Above the cup of the Graco Ultra and UltraMax sprayers sits a sieve that filters out debris in the paint and the paint sprayer is to protect against damage by sucked foreign bodies.

It collects impurities and paint and paint residues.

Over time, and especially with lack of cleaning, this sieve can clog, so that only insufficient or no color comes through.

Therefore, this filter screen should be cleaned after working. If it can not be sufficiently cleaned or damaged, the strainer should be replaced.

The sieves are available in the 3-pack in two mesh sizes. Mesh size # 60 (black mesh) and mesh size # 100 (blue mesh).

Here we have a video for you with tips and tricks to control and change the screen turned:

Outlet valves clogged, damaged, dirty – Graco Ultra & UltraMax does not spray

If the Graco Ultra or UltraMax handset does not spray, it may also be due to clogging, contamination, or damage to the three exhaust valves.

These exhaust valves are located in the front area of ​​the pump and can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Graco Outlet Valve

Graco Outlet Valve

Order exhaust valves for Graco Ultra & UltraMax directly – click here

Error Code E4 – Light flashes 4 times on Graco Ultra or UltraMax

Between the battery / cable connector and the print controller, the Graco Ultra and UltraMax have a red light that also indicates possible malfunction.

There are various error messages, the most important of which is the error code E4.

In this case, the light flashes for four times when the trigger of the device is pressed.

Then the pump / motor is blocked and should be replaced.

Red light on the Ultra and Ultra Max

Red light on the Ultra and Ultra Max

More information on the Graco Ultra and Graco Ultra Max

For more information about Graco Ultra & UltraMax, we have summarized for you in the following posts:

Safety note: The instructions in the operating instructions should be taken into account in the above-mentioned measures for fault elimination.

In addition, the sprayer should be disconnected from the power supply (cable or battery) and the unit should not be under pressure (depressurize).

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