A customer recently sent a Graco Ultra Max II 695 (ProContractor version) into our workshop for repair. It was visibly damaged and the airless sprayer error code 16 flashed in the display with the message  – “Motor not spinning” – which means that the pump is not running. In this blog post we explain possible causes for the Airless sprayer error code 16 message and how to fix an error like this.

How do you recognize an airless sprayer error code 16 on a Graco Airless?

Many Graco sprayers, such as the Graco ProContractor series, have a digital display. Error messages will appear on this display. In the case of an error 16, “code 16” is displayed. In addition, the error message continues with “Motor not spinning” meaning the engine is not turning over. Of course, the most obvious indication is that the engine is simply not running.

What is the cause of the Code 16 error message on Graco Airless Devices?

The cause of the airless sprayer Error Code 16 on Graco paint sprayers is a missing link from the engine control unit to the electrical control unit. There is a disturbance or fault in the connection. Most likely there is damage to the cable or the connector, but sometimes simply checking if the wires are plugged in properly will suffice. In the example mentioned, the connecting wire is not properly attahced to the electrical plug. During transport or even during operation of the sprayer, vibrations occur which have presumably loosened or displaced the connector wire of the plug.

What can be done to fix this Code 16 malfunction on Graco sprayers?

You can check the connection between the motor and the controller for damage or loose cables and faulty connections. If necessary, reassemble the connector correctly to re-establish the connection between the engine and the control unit.

Warning: When working on the sprayer, always make sure that the sprayer is not under pressure – make sure excess pressure is released first in a safe manner. The gun should be secured. In addition, the paint sprayer should be disconnected from the power supply. If in doubt, you should leave the repair work to a trained specialist or expert airless technician.

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