The Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES is one of Graco’s most powerful models. Used primarily for large construction sites, it can spray both paint and exterior coatings. The model featured in this blog post is currently the latest to be released.

The major asset of this machine will be its power thanks to which it will have the ability to work in length, height and up to 6 guns at the same time to be able to work as efficiently as possible.

Presentation of the Graco GH BIG RIG 833 ES


Overview of application areas with this Graco pump

  • Latex Paints
  • Primers
  • Block Fillers
  • Enamel
  • Elastomerics
  • Acrylic: Water/Solvent
  • Epoxy: Finishes/Mastics
  • Polyester
  • Coal Tar
  • Polyurethane
  • Asphalt Emulsion: Fibered/Non-fibered
  • Mastics – Adhesive Type
  • Waterproofing/Above and Below Grade
  • Contract Cement
  • Texture: Smooth and Fine
  • Burmastics
  • Aluminum Emulsion: Fibered/Non-fibered
  • Elastomeric Acrylic
  • Emulsion Primer

Technical details of the Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES

  • Maximum nozzle size: 0.065″
  • Maximum flow rate: 15.1 l/min
  • Cycles per liter: only 4.2 double strokes per liter
  • Maximum pressure: 276 bar
  • Engine: Honda 390cc, 13 PS (9.7kW) with integrated fuel tank and oil level warning system
  • Weight: 181 kg

Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES

Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES – Airless Discounter

Physical characteristics of the Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES

  • High performance hydraulic and cooling system
  • Cart with heavy duty steel frame and balanced lifting points
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Hose attachment on the push bar
  • EasyOut high pressure filter system
  • Endurance pump with MaxLife sleeve and piston rod

What are the specifications of this model Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES – 16V260 ?

Here are the advantages that make this model THE machine for large-scale spraying!

  • Powerful machine: 15,1 l/min
  • Compact machine on cart (weight: 160 to 180kg depending on options)
  • Integrated suction hose for 200L container
  • Gasoline engine with electric starter; easy to use
  • High performance hydraulic system; which allows the machine to be more powerful
  • MaxLife reinforced pump bottom; which makes the machine more durable over time
  • 15m BlueMax II 3/8″ hose (276 bar). Hence high pressure hose that can go up to 120 meters
  • Silver Plus gun without filter; for a direct high pressure spraying of the fluid, for semi-thick materials

This Graco machine is therefore particularly well thought out for the treatment of the coatings mentioned in this blog post, due to its mechanics and accessories.

Scope of delivery of the Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES

  • High performance sprayer on cart
  • Honda 390cc engine with electric starter (pull starter as safety feature)
  • 12V / 18A charging system
  • 1.5″ PVC suction system for 200 liter containers
  • 15m of BlueMax II 3/8″ high pressure hose (276 bar)
  • 0.9m of BlueMax II 1/4″ whip (276 bar)
  • Silver Plus gun with RAC X nozzle holder
  • 2x RAC X reversible nozzle (517 & 655)
  • 118ml TSL piston oil
  • User’s manual

If need you’ll find the assembly drawing of the Graco BIG RIG GH 833 ES here.

Plan de montage Graco Big Rig GH 833 ES


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