Today, we take a closer look at Graco CleanShot extensions. These lances are particularly well suited for spraying large areas of ceilings and walls and can be connected to common airless equipment in a snap. In addition to the area of use, we discuss their structure and operation and give some tips for working with them.

Where to use Graco CleanShot extensions for high ceilings and walls

Airless spray systems are particularly useful on high ceilings and walls and in all twisted and hard-to-reach areas, such as in old buildings. There are often 360 cm high ceilings, as well as stucco, moldings and rosettes that can be painted easily and quickly with an airless sprayer. However, longer lances of 180 cm are also suitable for spraying ceilings in building corridors, supermarkets or agricultural silos with high walls.

Spraying a high ceiling with a large airless extension

Spraying a high ceiling with a large airless extension

Recently, we had a project to paint a 30-meter long steel barge. In this project, the work could be significantly optimized, because the employee in charge of the execution did not have to crawl under the boat all the time, but could work comfortably on the side with the extension. In addition, the lances are also suitable for coating floor surfaces and roofs.

Advantages of using long extensions

The use of lance systems has the advantage that ladders, scaffolding or even lifting platforms can be dispensed with in many cases. This makes the work smoother and more economical. On the one hand, the costs of scaffolding or lifting platforms can be saved in many cases, but also the preparation time. The working speed also increases, as does the output per square meter per hour.

Painting a cable duct on the ceiling with an airless gun

Painting a cable duct on the ceiling with an airless gun

In addition to the economic advantages, the user’s work is made much easier, as he has to work over his head less. This considerably reduces the load on the shoulders, neck, back and arms, as well as the risk of accidents. Anyone who does not have to climb a ladder cannot fall off either.

Summary of the benefits of Graco CleanShot extensions :

  • physical relief & easier work
  • reduced risk of accidents
  • no need for ladders or scaffolding – more economical work

Structure and operation of Graco CleanShot extensions

Graco CleanShot lances are supplied as a kit and consist of a special lance gun, a 90 cm or 180 cm lance, a CleanShot joint with anti-spitting function and a 517 nozzle.

Inline Gun with Graco CleanShot Extensions

The delivery includes the Graco Inline Gun, specially designed for working with long extensions. The handle of this gun points in the same direction as the wand. The handle of a normal airless gun would move away from the wand at a 90 degree angle and could not be properly held and guided.

Graco Inline gun mounted on an extension

Graco Inline gun mounted on an extension

The picture shows the Graco Inline gun at the top. The handle is oriented in the same direction as the lance, which allows longer lances to be guided comfortably and without twisting the arm. Below is the standard blue Graco Contractor PC gun, with the handle oriented at 90 degrees to the lance.

Comparison between two Graco airless guns

Comparison between two Graco airless guns

90 cm and 180 cm extensions

The lances are available in sizes of 90 cm and 180 cm and are simply screwed onto the gun. Please note that a seal is required between the gun and the lance.

Graco CleanShot Lanzen in 90 cm & 180 cm

The two sizes of Graco Cleanshot extensions of 90 cm & 180 cm

What is a Graco Cleanshot anti-spitting feature?

The Graco CleanShot joint allows for an optimal 90-degree angle between the surface and the nozzle, as the wand is typically angled toward the ceiling or wall. In addition, the Graco CleanShot has another feature. It prevents spitting, which can occur especially when working with long lances. This is a topic in itself, which is why we have created an additional video about it.


Also included in the scope of supply is the Graco RAC X nozzle holder and an RAC X size 517 nozzle for spraying interior wall paint, for example.

Tips for working with long lances

Finally, here are some tips on the proper handling of longer airless lances. In principle, the same rules should be followed as for working without a lance, i.e. only move with the gun. These include keeping a distance of 25-30 cm between the nozzle and the surface, spraying at a 90-degree angle and working in an overlapping pattern.

Graco Cleanshot Lanze richtig führen

However, there are a few things to consider when using longer lances. The recoil effect is somewhat enhanced by the leverage of the long spears. With a little practice, this recoil can be easily dampened by the user. Try it 2-3 times, and you will quickly notice how much you have to counter-steer at the beginning of the spray. Also, it is best to walk backwards when spraying ceiling surfaces with longer lances. The work area should be clear so that you can back up without worrying and without having to constantly look behind you. This allows you to concentrate fully on spraying the ceiling evenly. But why back up? It gives you a good view of the surface and keeps you out of the overspray, which is a little heavier when spraying ceilings.

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