The following article gives an overview of all the spare parts of the Graco Contractor PC spray gun.

The technical drawing will help you quickly determine the specific wear parts you need. In the table below, you will find a list of all the components each with a detailed description.

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Explosion drawing of the Graco Contractor PC Airless spray gun

Graco Contractor PC Pistole - Bauzeichnung

Graco Contractor PC spray gun – Technical drawing

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Item number

Item description

1 17X496 Housing (incl. 15 & 16)
2 17Y297 Kit, repair, cartridge (incl. 2a & 2b)
2 17Y299 Kit, repair, cartridge (10-pack)
2a 17W752 O-ring
2b 16H931 O-ring
3 17T073 Tube, handle
4 120776 Seal
5 17V395 Guard, trigger
6 120733
7 288811 Swivel
8 287032 Spray gun filter 60 mesh (alternative)
8 287033 Spray gun filter 100 mesh (alternative)
8 287034 Spray gun filter, 60 and 100 mesh combo
9 17Y226 Screw, set
10 17T030 Handle, gun
11 17V288 Pin, trigger
12 17V766 Spring, compression
13 17Y466 Trigger, assembly (incl. 1, 12, 13a, 13b, 13c, 13d & 14)
13a contained in 17Y466 Trigger, upper
13b contained in 17Y466 Trigger, lower
13c contained in 17Y466 Knob, adjustment
13d contained in 17Y466 Clip, trigger
14 17V768 Stop, trigger
15 17V767 Lock, trigger
16 17Y024 Pin, spring
20 119799 Brush, cleaning
21s 222385 Card, warning
FFLPXXX Spray tip, FF LP
LPXXX Spray tip, LP
PAAXXX Spray tip, RAC X
246215 Guard, spray tip, RAC X
17P501 RAC X FF LP OneSeal™
17P502 RAC X FF LP Solvent seal
246453 RAC X OneSeal™
248936 RAC X Solvent gaskets

Which Graco Contractor PC spray guns are considered here?

Several Graco Contractor PC spray guns models are available.

The technical drawing and the spare parts listed in the table apply to the following Graco Contractor PC spray guns:

  • 17Y042
  • 17Y043
  • 17Y044
  • 17Y045
  • 17Y470
  • 826252

Another Graco model number? Graco explosion drawings and spare parts provide overviews for all models as well as spare parts lists for your model number.

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