This article is dedicated to the Fast Flush cleaning feature on Graco airless sprayers.

What is the Graco Fast Flush 2? On which Graco airless pumps is this feature installed? How do you use it and what are the mistakes to avoid?

Fast Flush 2 Graco

What is the Graco Fast Flush 2?

Fast Flush 2 is a cleaning feature installed on many of Graco’s current airless pumps. This feature allows the sprayer to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

To do this, the airless operates at full motor power and pushes water or other cleaning fluid through the system.

On which sprayers is Graco Fast Flush 2 installed?

The Fast Flush 2 cleaning system is installed on many Graco machines, including current models in the Graco ST Max line such as the ST Max II 395, ST Max II 495 and Graco ST Max II 595.

The Fast Flush feature is also available on the Graco Ultra Max II 695, 795 and 1095, as well as the Graco Mark V, Mark VII and Mark X models.

Fast Flush 2 mit Graco Ultra Max II 695

Fast Flush 2 Graco on a Graco Ultra Max II 695

Here is a complete overview of Graco’s current Fast Flush 2 airless pumps:

  • Graco St Max II 395
  • Graco St Max II 495
  • Graco St Max II 595
  • Graco Ultra Max II 695
  • Graco Ultra Max II 795
  • Graco Ultra Max II 1095
  • Graco Mark V
  • Graco Mark VII
  • Graco Mark X

How to use the Graco Fast Flush 2?

First, the residual paint must be pumped out of the airless device and the hose using the low pressure flush function.

Then the Fast Flush 2 function can be used for rinsing. In these photos, we worked with a water-soluble wall paint. So we rinsed the unit with water.

Graco Fast Flush 2 - Spülen von Schlauch & Pistole

Graco Fast Flush 2 – Flushing the hose & gun

What are the mistakes to avoid with the Graco Fast Flush 2?

The Fast Flush function should only be used for cleaning, i.e. rinsing. It should not be used for spraying paint, plaster or other materials. The sprayer would then be overloaded in continuous operation. In addition, the application of the material could be uneven.

Care should also be taken to ensure that the Fast Flush function is not inadvertently triggered. After the flush function (Prime/Slow, with little pressure), the Fast Flush function is positioned before the “Spray” button. Especially for new users, the Fast Flush function may be activated by mistake.

Graco FastFlush2 - Achtung bei der Einstellung

Graco Fast Flush 2 – Beware of bad handling

It also happens regularly that the pressure control knob is not adjusted correctly and the Fast Flush function already starts while the pressure regulator is still on Prim/Slow, i.e. on Rinse.

How to clean without the Graco Fast Flush 2 ?

Of course, the cleaning can also be done in the classic way without the Fast-Flush function. We show you how to do this in the following video.

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