The Graco G40 spray gun is an air-assisted spray gun especially designed for high quality application of paints and coatings for wood and steel structures. The air cap on the spray gun provides exceptional spray quality and a fine finish through uniform atomization. The light-weight and compact design of the spray gun allow for easy transportation, use and storage.

Graco G40 spray guns are available in two configurations: standard model 262932 with AAM flat spray tips and air regulation setting, and model 262929 with RAC X FF LP spray tips providing no air regulation.

The description below applies to model 262932 with AAM flat spray tips. The 262929 model with RAC X FF LP spray tips is described here.

Spare parts of the Graco G40 spray gun (262932)

The technical drawing of the Graco G40 air-assisted spray gun is presented below and the spare parts are listed in the table underneath the diagram. Just click on the items in the table to order them directly in our online shop!

Graco G40 Pistole - Ersatzteile & Bauzeichnung

Graco G40 spray gun

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Item number

Item description

1 (not available separately) Housing, spray gun
2 (included in repair kit 255160)
Set, needle
2a 110004 O-ring
3 249585 Kit, repair, trigger (incl. Ref. 13 & 14)
4 249135 Valve, fan, assy
5 288192 Kit, diffuser
5a (not available separately) Diffuser, housing
5b (included in repair kit 255160) Gasket, nylon
5c (included in repair kit 255160) Seat, carbide
5d (included in repair kit 255160) Nut, seat
5e 111457 O-ring
5f 109450 O-ring
5g 111116 O-ring
6 249256 Guard tip, flat, spray
6a 249180 Cap, air
6b 109213 O-ring
6c 15G320 Washer
7 188493 Seal
8 (included in repair kit 249422) Valve
9 16A529 Shaft, fluid, spring
11 15F195 Cap, spring
13 15F739 Pin, pivot
14 15F740 Nut
15 114069 Spring, compression
16 249136 Tube, assy
17 24U606 Valve, assy, inlet air
18 115133 Gasket, tube
19 115141 Spring, compression
20 16X404 Fitting, barbed
22 AAM309 Tip, spray, AAM
28 192282 Tool, seal
29 117642 Tool, nut driver
30 15F446 Tool, gun
31 (included in repair kit 255160) Label
32 (included in repair kit 255160) Label
37 224453 Filter (alternative)
38 15F186 Fitting, hose
50 017480 Adhesive, thread locker
70 15F185 Insert, fluid
71 249423 Kit, trigger
72 (not available separately) Pin, centering
73 117517 O-ring
74 15U104 Label
75 156454 O-ring
255160 Kit, repair, needle/seat (incl. 2 & 5b-5d)
249422 Kit, repair, gun (incl. 5e-5g & 8)

Which Graco G40 model is considered here?

Graco G40 spray guns are available in different versions. The technical drawing and spare parts mentioned in this article apply to the following model:


The Graco model number is usually provided at the bottom of the sprayer.

If you encounter any difficulty, you can send us a picture of your sprayer via email or WhatsApp (Tel. +49 152-29535213). We are also happy to help you determine which model will work best for you, as well as guide you through your search for spare parts.

Another Graco model number? Graco explosion drawings and spare parts provide overviews and spare parts lists for all models available.

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