The Graco G40 is one of the most known air-assisted spray guns on the market. As a rule, this type of guns are used with “flat” spray tips. However, over the last couple of years there has been an increase in the usage of air-combination / air-assisted spray gun operating with the sort of reversible tips that we know from the classic Airless paint spraying.

Graco G40 tested

In the video here below from our Youtube channel you can see a Graco G40 being operated with a reversible tip.

The video, featuring Cyril Julien of French Renovation and Ian Crump from PaintTech, was shot at our training center that we use for our one-day paint spraying courses (available only in German and French at the moment). We have used a sprayer with an integrated compressor. The spray tip you see is a Graco RAC X FF LP, size 210 (20 degree spray angle, 0.010″ inch bore hole). You’ll see the painters spraying on paper first to find the right pressure and get a feel of the gun and then they move on to spraying a door.

Graco RAC X FF LP spray tip

A reversible tip allows you to close the gun by simply turning the spray tip. It comes out very handy also when your tip has a bit of clogging – in this case you just turn the tip 180 degrees, spray in the other direction and you easily “spray the clog away”. FF LP (FineFinish Low Pressure) spray tips are among the latest advancements in paint spraying technology by Graco, guaranteeing a high quality finish at a lower pressure thanks to the LP (Low Pressure) technology.

Compared to a classic air-assisted gun with a flat round tip, the G40 gun with the RAC X FF LP reversible tip, however, does not give the user the possibility to regulate the air flow from the gun. This mechanism allows for a better regulation of the whole spray pattern that can be tailored to the individual preferences. In case you might want this, you can get the standard G40 gun with the flat tip and the air regulation system (262932).

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