For several years the Graco GX FF sprayer has been the entry-level professional airless sprayer. With the Graco GX FF Cordless pump, a cordless version is now available on the market.

This battery-powered Graco GX FF model offers greater independence from the power outlet and greater flexibility in use. Here we give an overview of the most important information about the Graco GX FF Cordless.

We discuss the possible areas of application, the technical data, and the structure and function of the Graco GX FF. We also look at the contents of the delivery and the performance of the batteries.

Graco GX FF Cordless - Graco's new battery powered airless pump

Areas of use of the Graco GX FF on battery

Considering the classic painter’s field of application, the Graco GX FF can be used to spray paint doors and door frames, window frames, radiators, wood ceilings or paneling indoors.

It can also be used for small projects and repair work, as the airless unit is lightweight and compact. It can be quickly transported from one workstation or repair location to another.

Test du Graco GX FF Cordless lors de l'application d'une peinture anti-graffiti

Testing the Graco GX FF Cordless when applying anti-graffiti paint

The battery offers additional advantages for outdoor use, as no power outlet is required and no cables interfere with the operation and positioning of the pump. This is especially advantageous when painting roof soffits and attics, i.e. the wooden covering under the roof.

But the Graco GX FF Cordless can also be used to paint garage doors, carports, wooden fences and garden sheds without any problems. We have also successfully tested the spray painting device with anti-graffiti paint on a small facade.

It is also possible to use it on wooden or sheet metal facades, but for larger projects, a more powerful sprayer is required.

Construction and functions of the Graco GX FF on battery

The Graco GX FF Cordless is an airless piston pump. The paint is sucked in via a hopper with a capacity of 5.7 liters. The piston pump pressurizes the product and delivers it via the airless device into the hose before the gun at the nozzle.

The GX FF Cordless is equipped with an on/off switch and a pressure regulator to continuously regulate the product pressure and adjust it optimally. The relief valve is necessary to release the pressure during work breaks and for cleaning and rinsing the painting equipment. The pressure gauge is used to read and adjust the pressure.

Manomètre et soupape de décharge du Graco GX FF Cordless

Graco GX FF Cordless pressure gauge and relief valve

In addition, the airless has a valve plunger. If the valve gets stuck or stuck, simply push the valve plunger to release it and make it work. On the back of the sprayer is also the battery compartment.

Bouton poussoir du Graco GX FF Cordless

Graco GX FF Cordless Push Button

Technical specifications of the Graco GX FF Cordless

The Graco GX FF Cordless has a maximum flow rate of 1.4 liters per minute. A 0.019″ nozzle can be used as the maximum nozzle, for example a 519 nozzle. The maximum working pressure is 207 bar. Weight is 14.7 kg or 15.9 kg including battery.

Here is an overview of the technical data:

  • maximum flow rate: 1.4 l/min
  • maximum nozzle size: 0.019″
  • maximum working pressure: 207 bar
  • weight: 14.7 kg (with battery 15.9 kg)

Scope of delivery of the Graco GX FF on battery

The Graco GX FF comes with a 5.7 liter paint funnel. A 7.5 m long paint hose is also included. This hose is a little thinner and thus allows for economical processing of small amounts of product, as not too much paint is needed to fill the hose.

The gun supplied is the small Graco Contractor Compact with RAC X nozzle holder and a Graco FF LP paint nozzle in size 210. In the gun handle is a #100 mesh paint filter. In addition to the instruction manual, two Dewalt batteries and a quick charge system are also included.

Batteries & système de recharge du Graco GX FF Cordless

Batteries & charging system of the Graco GX FF Cordless

What is the battery life of the Graco GX FF Cordless?

According to the manufacturer Graco, 11.5 liters of paint can be sprayed with a single battery charge. With two batteries, 23 liters of product can be processed.

However, it must be taken into account that some battery power is still needed to clean the device at the end of the work. Our tests confirm this statement by the manufacturer, as we have even achieved higher performance values, in the range of 13 to 14 liters per battery charge.

Batterie Dewalt de 54V du Graco GX FF Cordless

54V Dewalt battery for the Graco GX FF Cordless

The quick charge system, which allows you to recharge a battery in about 45 minutes, is a plus. Considering that the Graco GX FF Cordless is a small airless station for lacquers and varnishes, these values are correct and allow you to do most paint jobs with the battery life.

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