The following article presents an overview of the spare parts of the Graco HVLP Edge II spray gun.

You can use the technical drawing illustrated below to easily identify the spare parts you need for replacement.

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Spare parts of the Graco HVLP Edge II spray gun

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Item number

Item description

1 256858 Body, gun
2 188493 Seal
3 17P715 Housing (not available)
7 192348 Nut, head
8 256960 Kit, repair, gun
8a Spreader (included in kit)
8b Packing (included in kit)
8c Spacer (included in kit)
8d Nut, head (included in kit)
9 17P709 Housing, air, cap
10 17P492 Ring, retaining
11 15V856 Nut (not available)
12 257087 Valve, air
13 15V846 Trigger
14 280545 Pin, slide, trigger, w/ball
15 15V848 Nut, slide, trigger
16 17S237 Valve (not available)
17 17S201 Label (not available)
19 114069 Spring, compression
23 196463 Tube, handle
24 277950 Handle, gun
25 17R207 Coupler (not available)
32 15V844 Housing, plug, fluid
41 M70394 Hose, connector
44 17P487 Set, fluid
44a Nozzle, fluid (included in kit)
44b Needle (included in kit)
50 113500 Adhesive

Other Needle-Nozzle sets available:

Graco HVLP EDGE II nozzle set #2 (0.8mm) – 17P485 – order here
Graco HVLP EDGE II nozzle set #3 (1.3mm) – 17P486 – order here
Graco HVLP EDGE II nozzle set #5 (2.2mm) – 17P488 – order here
Graco HVLP EDGE II nozzle set #6 (2.5mm) – 17P489 – order here
Graco HVLP EDGE II nozzle set #7 (2.8mm) – 17P490 – order here


Another Graco model number? Graco explosion drawings and spare parts provide overviews and spare parts lists for all models available.

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