The Graco JetRoller is a fixed Airless sprayer extension with attachable roller assembly, so that you can spray and roll in one movement. Get the benefits of spraying and back-rolling in one neat device.

What is the Graco JetRoller?

Graco JetRoller benefits

Spray and roll in one

Position the valve so that it is angled with a small amount of the spray pattern hitting the roller. Spray and roll, so that the roller goes over the area you have just sprayed. You are spraying onto the working surface, then rolling over it – not spraying directly onto the roller.

Benefits of Airless spraying with the roller finish

Usually at least two people are required, one for the Airless spraying and one for the backrolling. (Entire teams are often needed to perform the same job using rolling only.) Now, one person can do both the spraying and rolling together.

Less overspray

The roller itself acts as a shield and “sponge”, so that more material either hits the working surface or goes into the roller to be rolled back onto the wall.

Faster applications than traditional rolling

You won’t need to return the roller back onto the roller tray, instead material is supplied directly onto the surface via the Airless spraying method.


Harder to reach ceilings and high walls are much easier painted with the JetRoller providing a 1 m fixed extension. The inline gun ensures the ergonomic feel of rolling is retained.


  • Length: 100 cm (optional 50 cm)
  • Roller width: 25 cm (optional 18 cm)
  • Graco CleanShot Valve with swivel joint 180 degrees
  • Thread on spray gun: 7/8″
  • Inline spray gun

    Graco JetRoller

    Graco JetRoller

The Graco JetRoller includes

  1. an inline spray gun
  2. fixed extension
  3. Graco CleanShot Valve
  4. roller attachment


For supplying paint directly into the roller itself, check out the Wagner IR 100 instead.

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