Following the success of the fine finish low pressure spray tips introduced last year in 2017, Graco has launched the new Graco LP Spray Tip range with larger bore holes (orifice), slightly wider spray fan widths and handling a flow rate of up to 4 times more.

You can identify the RAC X FF LP and LP spray tip range by their green colour-coded design.

Graco RAC X LP Spray Tip

Graco RAC X LP Spray Tip

 Graco LP Spray Tip Key Features

Tip hole size range from 0.013 inches to 0.031 inches. Largest size double that of the FF LP spray tip.

Fan width range from 15,2 cm to 40,6 cm (152mm to 406mm). Fan width range has shifted at the bottom- and top ends, so that the minimum- and maximum fan widths figures have increased.

Flow rate litres per minute range from 0.69 to 3.90 l / pm. Flow rate maximum is up to 4 times that of the FF LP spray tips.


RAC X Low Pressure SwitchTips feature patented SmartTip Technology

Both the Graco LP spray tip and  Graco FF LP spray tip use the patented SMARTTIP TECHNOLOGY which Graco claims to deliver the best finish at the lowest airless spray pressure!

Graco RAC X FF LP Spray Tip

Graco RAC X FF LP Spray Tip

Lower Pressure Spraying Means

By achieving the same material spray result at up to 50% lower pressures, this results in several important distinctions from older tips, including:

  1. Less overspray.
  2. The softer spray pattern overlaps easier during spraying.
  3. Preparation- and clean up time is reduced. Spray is contained better in the working area.
  4. The frequency of spray tip replacement is decreased. The usage time of each tip is increased.
  5. Increases the life expectancy of the sprayer and its internal working parts, as higher pressures are associated with

Use Cases

  • Large surface and high production applications
  • Fine finish applications
  • Everyday applications
  • Detailed trim work


Fine Finish Low Pressure FF LP & LP SwitchTips Table

Inch (mm) 0.013 0.015 0.017 0.019 0.021 0.023 0.025 0.027 0.029 00.31
Fan Width 6-8 (152-203) 313 315
Fan Width 8-10 (2013-254) 415 417 419 421 423 425
Fan Width 10-12 (254-305) 515 517 519 521 523 525 527
Fan Width 12-14 (305-356) 617 619 621 623 625 627 629 631
Fan Width 14-16 (356-406) 723 725 729 731

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