To start the new year off right, a customer brought his Graco Mark X Procontractor pump into our shop for repair. This customer uses several airless pumps and mainly uses the Mark X to spray airless coating.

Graco Mark X in repair at Airless Discounter

Graco Mark X in repair at Airless Discounter

Coating in the primary filter of Graco Mark X

Since the primary filter is removed for airless spackle, cleaning the filter is not necessary. However, be sure to rinse and clean the empty filter housing sufficiently after use. Some of the material can quickly accumulate in the filter housing. In extreme cases, the entire assembly can become clogged and the pump can fail.

But even smaller residues of coating can cause malfunctions in the main filter housing. For example, dried material residues can block the discharge valve or enter the hose upstream of the gun together with fresh material. There, the material residues clog the nozzle and prevent smooth operation.

Graco Mark X primary filter housing - leftover spackle

Graco Mark X primary filter housing – leftover spackle

Brushes perfectly suited for cleaning the filter housing

With the proper brushes, the filter housing can be cleaned in a snap. We have manufactured brushes that fit perfectly on the primary filter housing of Graco Mark X and many other airless sprayers. This allows for quick and thorough cleaning with little effort. The airless remains ready to use and the need to visit the workshop can be avoided.

Corrosion of the main filter thread

In addition, corrosion was visible on the main filter thread. The thread should be regularly cleaned of paint and sealant residues. It is also recommended to apply a little oil to the thread from time to time. This will make it easier to close and the formation of rust at this point can be somewhat avoided.

Main Filter Thread Corrosion - Graco Mark X

Main Filter Thread Corrosion – Graco Mark X

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