# Graco nozzle

Today we are going to talk about the Graco nozzles currently available on the market.

Depending on your machine, your airless gun and your job site, you will need to use a particular Graco nozzle. Here’s how to choose the right one.

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Which Graco nozzle for my airless pump?

There are many different types of Graco nozzles. Fortunately for every novice, each nozzle is color coded so you can instinctively choose your nozzle.

Black Nozzle Graco RAC V

  • generally equips Graco Magnum pumps (= pumps for the private sector)
  • is used with the orange Graco RAC V nozzle holder
  • usually sprays lacquers, enamels and dispersion paints

Graco RAC V

Nozzle Graco RAC V – on sale here

Blue nozzle Graco RAC X

  • equips Graco pumps in the professional sector (more and more replaced by green nozzles)
  • is used with the Graco RAC X blue nozzle holder
  • most commonly used for spraying primers and dispersion paints

Graco RAC X

Nozzle Graco RAC X – on sale here

Green Nozzles Graco RAC X LP & FF LP

  • fit Graco pumps in the professional sector (= low pressure technology)
  • are used with the blue Graco RAC X nozzle holder
  • spray glazes and varnishes (FF LP) and dispersion paints (LP)


Nozzle Graco FF LP & Graco LP

Brown nozzle Graco RAC X HDA

  • equips Graco professional plastering pumps
  • is used with the Graco RAC X blue nozzle holder
  • sprays coatings and fire retardants


Nozzle Graco RAC X HDA – on sale here

Grey nozzle Graco HXD

  • only for very high pressure spraying (up to 500 bar)
  • use with Graco XHD grey nozzle holder
  • sprays enamels and two-component materials requiring very high pressure

Buse Graco xhd

Nozzle Graco XHD – on sale here

Yellow nozzle Graco RAC V LineLazer

  • typically equips Graco road marking pumps
  • is used with the orange Graco RAC V nozzle holder
  • generally sprays road paints


Nozzle Graco LineLazer – on sale here

You may wonder why there are so many Graco nozzles ? We give you the answer in the following video :


Choosing my Graco nozzle for my painting project

First of all, you should know that the power of your Graco pump determines which nozzle you can use.

Example: You have a Graco Magnum pump and you want to spray plaster ? You can’t because Magnum pumps are not designed for this type of material and even if you use a brown nozzle, you won’t be able to spray this material. Therefore, only use the materials that are intended for use with your machine.

The table below gives you an overview of the nozzle to choose according to the materials.

Materials →

Nozzle ↓

Varnishes / Stains Interior paints Exterior paints Coatings / Bitumen Road Paintings
Graco RAC X – blue
Graco RAC X HDA – brown
 Graco RAC X LP – green
Graco RAC X FF LP – green
Graco RAC V – black
Graco LineLazer – yellow
Graco XHD – grey


Compatibility between different Graco guns

All Graco airless guns have the same threading, so you can interchange the nozzle holders (and their respective tips).

Example: You have a Graco Magnum pump (with a black tip and orange nozzle holder) and you want to use Graco low pressure technology ? You would need to order a blue Graco RAC X nozzle holder and a green Graco LP or Graco FF LP nozzle.

However, there is one exception: Graco UltraMax handheld spray guns are equipped with a RAC X nozzle holder with a single thread. You will need to use this nozzle holder on your UltraMax gun and Graco FF LP nozzles up to size 516.

porte-buse graco ultramax

The same goes for Wagner and Farbmax nozzles and nozzle holders: if the nozzle holder you are using has a 7/8 inch thread, you can connect it to your Graco airless gun and use your Wagner / Farbmax nozzles.

And if your nozzle holder has a different thread (typically 11/16″ for older Wagner nozzle holders), you can simply use a specific 11/16″ to 7/8″ connection.

raccord airless 11 - 16 pouces

Cleaning and maintenance of a Graco nozzle

The life of an airless nozzle is determined by the abrasiveness of the materials used and the care you give it. Therefore, it is important to always clean your Graco nozzle after each job.

To clean your Graco nozzle, we recommend using a practical accessory such as our FARBMAX Tip cleaner “egg timer”: insert your nozzle in the egg timer, turn it upside down and let the product work for 15 minutes to 1 hour. You can even leave your nozzles in the liquid until the next time you use them. This will prevent them from drying out, which could lead to permanent clogging of the nozzle’s internal channel.


Sometimes, however, the nozzle can be so clogged that you’ll need to use nozzle cleaning needles in addition to the nozzle to unclog it thoroughly.

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