The Graco Ultra and UltraMax handheld sprayers are well established in the market and after the first few months, have become a bestseller for Graco. Wherever wood is chopped, splinters must fall and, of course, with the increasing popularity of Graco Ultra and UltraMax hand-held sprayers, there is an increasing demand for spare parts and accessories.

Graco Ultra spare parts

So here is an overview of the major wear and tear spare parts for Graco handheld sprayers.

• Replacement cups – pack of 3 – 1 liter FlexLiner color bags

• Replacement cups – pack of 25 – 1 liter FlexLiner color bags

• Complete cup system 1 liter FlexLiner for water-soluble paints

• Complete cup system 1 liter FlexLiner for solvent-based paints

• Filter Mesh # 60 (pack of 3) 17P554

• Filter Mesh # 100 (pack of 3) 17P555

• Graco RAC X FF LP nozzles in different sizes

• Suitable spray lance extension 25 cm

Battery and charger

Lid for the cup – water-based paints & colors

Lid for the cup – solvent-based paints

• Air valve on the cup – VacuValve lid

• Triax replacement pumps: for Graco Ultra with cable (17M360), cableless (model 17M364), and Graco Ultra Max (model 17M368).

So far we were asked for replacement cups in packs of 3 and packs of 25. Replacement batteries are also required to extend the life and duration of the paint sprayer. When using additional batteries, care should be taken that the Graco Ultra and Ultra Max handguns are not overloaded. The Ultra and UltraMax Airless paint spray guns are designed for smaller projects and repairs, but not for large-scale use.

Graco Ultra ProControl and Battery

Graco Ultra ProControl and Battery

The filters for the machine are found at the base of the handle. Both #60 Black and #100 Blue, are supplied with the device.

Graco Ultra Filters Black #60

Graco Ultra Filters Black #60

Graco Ultra Filters Blue

Graco Ultra Filters Blue #100

In addition to filters, the air valve was ordered a few times, with regular use it does wear out. However, at a cost of € 3.57 the plastic valve can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

Graco Ultra VacuValve

Graco Ultra VacuValve


With proper care, premature wear and damage to Graco Ultra and UltraMax Airless paint sprayers can be avoided. This includes cleaning your device properly after use and storing the machine properly and safely.

For any further questions regarding our products, you can contact us on +49 (0) 30 220 15436, fill out our contact form below or email us. You can also visit us at our service base during office hours. Should you ever get stuck, we are happy to assist you with our nationwide repair and maintenance service.