In the following article, you will find a comprehensive overview of the spare parts of the Graco UltraMax cordless handheld sprayer.

A technical drawing of the UltraMax is provided to give you a quick overview of the structure of the sprayer, and help you search and find the spare parts you need.

Below the technical drawing is a table with a list of all the spare parts.

A simple click on the required components in the table will provide you with further information (price, picture, availability of the component, etc.) about the spare parts, which you will be able to order directly.

Graco UltraMax handheld sprayer 17P258 – Explosion drawing and spare parts

Graco UltraMax Bauzeichnung

Technical drawing of the Graco UltraMax

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Item number

Item description

1 17P187 Kit, pump assembly (incl. 4, 9, 11 & 25)
3 17P554 Filter. pump, 60 mesh, 3-pack
3 17P555 Filter. pump, 100 mesh, 3-pack
4 17P183 Kit, outlet valve repair (incl. 4a, 4b, 50 & 51)
9 17R420 Prime Pump/Spray valve (incl. 18 & 37a)
11 125249 O-ring
12 17P181 Kit, SmartControl with exposure (incl. 31, 34, 37 & 52)
13 17N517 Lid, cup (incl. 19)
14 17A226 FlexLiner cup, 1-litre (3-pack)
14 17P212 FlexLiner cup, 1-litre (25-pack)
14 17F005 FlexLiner cup, 1.25-litre (3-pack)
14 17P549 FlexLiner cup, 1.25-litre (25-pack)
15 17N392 Support, cup, 1-litre
16 17P551 Kit, cup support, lid and plug, 1-litre
16 17P553 Kit, cup support, lid and plug, 1.25-litre
17 17R611 Plug, cup lid
18 17M882 Prime Pump/Spray knob
19 17P712 VacuValve cap (3-pack)
20 17P671 Kit, label
25 17P175 Kit, front valve
29 17P573 Guard, spray tip
30 FFLPXXX Spray tip, FFLP
31 17P236 Kit, enclosure, cover (incl. 37)
34 17P181 Kit, SmartControl with exposure (incl. 31, 34, 37 & 52)
36 17P502 Kit, tip seat and seal (5-pack)
37 17R614 Screw, cross-head
37a 128726 Screw, cross-head
38 17P557 Li-ion Compact Battery Pack DEWALT
39 17P560 Li-ion Battery Charger DEWALT
40 17M883 Case, storage
50 118594 O-ring
51 117724 O-ring
253574 Pump Armor

Graco Ultra and UltraMax handheld sprayers

Different versions of the Graco Ultra handheld sprayers are available. The above description applies to the Graco UltraMax cordless handheld sprayer (manufacturer’s number 17P258).

Separate overviews and technical drawings of the Graco Ultra corded sprayer (17M360) and the Graco UltraMax cordless sprayer (17M366) are provided at the following links:

If you encounter any difficulty, you can send us a picture of your sprayer via email or WhatsApp (Tel. +49 (0)152-29535213) and we will help you determine the model that will work best for you, and guide you through your search for spare parts.

Another Graco model number? Graco explosion drawings and spare parts provide overviews for all models as well as spare parts lists for your model number.

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