Today we will talk about the 5 most important questions we should ask ourselves when we are buying an airless paint sprayer.

Purchasing an airless machine is not an easy job because a lot of times we ask these questions too late. The result? We end up buying a product that does not adapt to our needs.

Buying airless normally has a high cost, but it can be amortized quickly because of the increase of the speed when we do a paint job (increase of productivity). For this, we have to analyze different aspects for when you are going to choose the correct airless equipment.

We have prepared this post with the most important questions, little tricks or things to avoid, for when you are going to buy a airless device that is perfect for the jobs you have planned.

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Is this airless machine the correct one for the material you are going to use?

The first thing you should have in mind when you are  choosing an airless equipment is to make sure the machine is adequate for the material or paint you are going to use. It does not have any sense to buy a small airless device to save costs, if you are going to use it to paint facades or to apply roof coating. So it is important that the machine is adequate for the material that you are going to use. Otherwise you will be in danger of overloading the device or simply not being able to do the job.

Imagine: you would like to go on an excursion with your family in your car to the Alps, in Italy. It would be impossible to do this excursion in a Fiat Panda. The same happens with airless machines. If you buy a very small one it would be counterproductive because you would not be able to do the jobs you had planned.

How to orient yourself to purchase the correct airless equipment?

To orient yourself you should first always check the technical sheet of the manufacturer. It has information about the correct material, tips, guns, maximum volume of pulverization or the maximum pressure of the compressor, etc.

If you have this clear you will be perfectly oriented to choose the correct airless machine in function of your needs and the use you are going to give it.

Another question you should ask yourself when you are going to buy an airless paint sprayer is:

With what frequency will you use your airless paint sprayer and which is the extension of surfaces you normally paint?

A lot of the professional painters use it regularly, even daily, and they paint large areas. So for this we recommend that you should use airless equipment with a high processing capacity . The advantage is that the machine will not always be on its maximum capacity, this will prolonging  the life of the device.

Advantage: Investing in buying an higher quality airless equipment will assure you a machine with a longer life and you will be able to do jobs with large surfaces, this way you will regain the investment quickly

As an example of the frequency of the utilization, we can use a taxi driver, who uses his car daily. This person will probably buy a Mercedes, because of the quality and durability.

The same happens with an airless equipment. If you use it daily and you paint large surfaces, you should acquire an airless machine with more capacity. On the other hand, if you do not use your airless paint sprayer frequently you will not need that higher quality device, you would even be able to think about buying a second hand paint sprayer.

How much work and repair costs do you expect to have in the years following the purchase of an airless equipment?

We seem to forget this factor when we purchase an airless machine. The costs generated in the years after buying the device that we should consider.

Depending on the different models the costs of the accessories varies substantially, as much on the conservation level as on the repairs. Therefore, there are simple models with a diaphragm pump or with a simple construction. This allows you to maintain your machine easily  even if you do not have much technical knowledge and they do not need special  tools.

For example, to change the valve easily, when you are working on a job and under stress for handing over the project. This should be a factor to keep in mind when we are going to buy a airless equipment.

How much should you pay for an airless machine?

Naturally as little as possible. Why should you pay more for an airless machine, if you could spend this money on a holiday or invest it on something different? Well, because the cheapest equipment could end up being more expensive in the long run.

We have already talked about the importance of the costs of maintenance and repairs on some of the equipment, but also the performance and the quality are important since when we acquire a  machine of a low efficiency, what could happen is that in a few months it overloads and it can not be used any more on new projects.

And finally, the most important question when you are going to buy a paint sprayer is:

What pressure should my airless paint sprayer have?

Depending on the jobs you are going to do, you will recover the investment quickly. If the person or company does large jobs and uses the paint sprayer daily it would be worth it to buy a high quality machine, even with more pressure than necessary, because the machine will regain the investment quickly.  For example a Graco Mark VII.

Graco Mark VII

Graco Mark VII

On the other hand, if you do more small jobs or renovations and do not use this machine a lot you should look for an airless device of less quality or even a second hand airless equipment.

Factors to have in mind when buying an airless paint sprayer

  1. The equipment must be appropriate for the material that you will be using. Choose a machine with the correct pressure for the material.
  2. Have in mind the size of the surface you will be painting and check again if the pressure is enough on the equipment.   
  3. Don’t forget about the costs of maintenance and reparation.
  4. Analyze the cost-benefit factor, is it worth more a big and better quality airless machine or buying a second hand airless equipment, why doubt about it if you are going to be able to amortize it?  
  5. If you are thinking about buying an airless paint sprayer, let yourself be advised by specialists. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email or leave us a comment.

See you soon!

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