It is important not to have too much paint in the equipment (vacuum system, airless pump and hose), especially when working with small amounts of product. In this case, shorter and thinner hoses can help to reduce the amount of paint needed. For this purpose, it is interesting to know how much paint an airless hose can hold.

In this article, we have calculated the volume of different hoses. You can also use an online calculator that will help you calculate the volume of your airless hose yourself, and we give you some additional tips to reduce the amount of paint needed to fill the pump.

Tuyaux Airless, longueur 15 m, diamètre intérieur 6 mm, volume 424 ml

Airless hoses, length 15 m, inner diameter 6 mm, volume 424 ml

Volume of airless pump hoses, from 53 ml

A good way to reduce the amount of paint needed to fill an airless paint sprayer is to use a shorter, thinner airless hose. Various manufacturers offer hoses on the market with a length of 7.5 m and an inner diameter of 3 mm and 4 mm. The amount of material required can thus be greatly reduced. A 7.5 m long hose with an inner diameter of 3 mm requires only 53 ml of paint.

Here is an overview of the different pipes and volumes:

Wagner coating hose

Wagner coating hose

In addition to the small amounts of product, these hoses have another advantage: they are particularly flexible and thus facilitate the painting process. However, these airless hoses are only suitable for very fine spraying materials such as lacquers or stains. Materials such as interior paint or plaster are applied with larger nozzles and in larger quantities. This requires more material to be pumped in. To get the required amount of product in front of the nozzle, more powerful airless equipment is needed, but also thicker hoses.

How much paint can an airless hose hold?

It is always interesting to know how much material can be contained in an interior paint pipe.

Wagner hose for airless painters

Wagner hose for airless painters

What is the volume of the hoses for airless coatings?

We also calculated the filling quantity of thicker hoses with an inner diameter of 10 mm and 13 mm. These airless hoses are mainly used for spraying coatings and high viscosity materials.

A Graco plaster hose

A Graco plaster hose

Calculate the volume of the airless hose yourself

You can easily calculate the volume of your airless hose yourself using an online calculator. To do this, you need the following data:

  • Hose length
  • Inside diameter of the pipe

To use the online calculator correctly, you must select the cylinder as the body. Then select the diameter and enter the inside diameter of the pipe. The height corresponds to the length of the pipe, enter the corresponding data here too. The calculator does the rest and the result is displayed directly in cm³ and ml.

Suction hose or funnel

The suction hose can also be replaced by a paint funnel. This reduces the path of the product and the filling volume of the airless device. In the following video, we show the conversion of a Graco ST Max pump.

Case study with airless paint

One of our customers was looking for an airless device to do some painting work. These were mostly small projects, so the question of how much to fill the system was particularly important. The unused product that remains in the equipment after the spraying work can be pumped out and reused in the next job, but it is necessary in the first instance. The customer wanted to reduce the amount needed to a minimum. Therefore, he sent us the following request by e-mail.

Hello everyone. I am interested in an airless device, but I am wondering how much product the hose can hold. If I want to paint something where 2.5l of paint is enough for me and the hose already needs 2l before it is filled, I need another 2.5l can of paint. This would of course be stupid. Is there any information about this? And are there possibly smaller hoses… 3m or 5m maybe?

During the consultation, we were able to dispel the customer’s concerns and recommended various airless devices with a 7.5 m long hose with an inner diameter of 3 mm. This hose has a very small capacity of only 0.053 l. In this case, the limited selection resulted in the following selection of airless devices.

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