You are a professional painter, self-employed or employed, and you love your job. Good craftsmen are in demand and have work to do. But when you are starting out, you don’t necessarily have a network or a loyal clientele for years, and you have to make your painting business known in order to obtain new markets. What are the current means at your disposal, without real marketing knowledge and without a particular advertising budget?

Comment faire connaitre votre entreprise de peinture en bâtiment ?


As for everything, you must be ready to invest time and energy to make your business known. In this article, we give you some keys to use for this purpose: it’s up to you to use them well and to work on your positioning relentlessly. Because yes, it is a long term work, that you will have to take into consideration in addition to your main job.

Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, Pinterest etc…social networks have become in a few years an unavoidable phenomenon of our daily life. For a company, they are a permanent showcase of its work and know-how. Not to mention that your customers may discover you in this way, which can increase your prospect base over time.

Your colleagues and friends painters are on the networks? Use their notoriety to make yourself known! Take part in some projects, ask your questions in comments, tag them on videos, etc… you’d be surprised how many professionals and individuals spend part of their day on their smartphone.

How to advertise your painting company? With social media

Your customers’ opinions

In the digital age, word of mouth may seem like a waste of time. Yet your customers (and their satisfaction) are your best allies in obtaining new work. Don’t neglect this aspect of your communication, especially since it won’t take much time or money. Here are some of the most popular customer review platforms.

Google My Business

The Google My Business profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence on Google. To help customers find your business, you can verify your business and edit your business information. This is the part on the right when you type in a company name on Google. Example with our Airless Discounter page:

How to advertise your painting company? With Google my business


In order for your customers and partners to leave you a review, you must first register on this Google service. This is usually fast and in addition to customer reviews, you can use the establishment’s form to publish photos of your business, your services, your news, your website, etc… In short, it is an effective and free way to control your online presence.

Facebook Opinion

On the same model, Facebook also offers to create a business page and collect reviews. The only difference is that your customers have to use Facebook, which tends to decrease with younger and older people. However, there is an advantage to using this service: unlike Google, Bing lists the Facebook reviews on the business page. And when you consider that Bing is mainly used by “older” people and office workers (as it is often installed by default on every Microsoft Windows system), it is worth looking into.

How to advertise your painting company? With Bing

For this you can either create your company page on Bing or import the one you have created on Google My Business.

Customer review platforms

There are also many platforms collecting customer reviews such as Trustpilot, Trusted Shops, etc…. They can be free but in this case they are limited in their offers. If your business is small and you don’t plan to use other marketing tools (such as paid ads), then keep this option in the back of your mind for later and move on to the next section.

Create a website

Nothing new in the tropics, but creating a nice website for your painting business is the basis of any communication on the Internet. Even if social networks tend to take more importance, a website is still an efficient way to promote your business on the Internet.

Without any particular knowledge in website creation, you can for example opt for Google Sites or Wix, free tools for publishing homepage with easy to use building kit. Interconnect your site with your social networks and gain time and efficiency.

Register your company on a directory

There are many general and specialized construction directories, some free, some not. The regional directories are particularly important for your local referencing, because they allow you to put forward your keywords near your work perimeter.

Be aware that these directories generally accept to link your company’s listing to a website, hence the need to create one (if possible with a dedicated domain name) as part of your marketing strategy.


Some partnerships with professional manufacturers can help you get your house painting business in front of the general public and other professionals. Graco, for example, loves to showcase professional users of its machines on its social networks, which have thousands of followers. This type of promotion is a win-win for both parties, but you’ll need to contact your suppliers directly to see if a collaboration is possible and on what terms.

You are an airless painter, you have a certain notoriety on social networks and you wish to establish a partnership with Airless Discounter? Then contact us and tell us more about your projects!

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