After purchasing your new spray nozzle and enjoying a perfect spray pattern for many hours, the nozzle may become clogged or the delivery of paint onto the surface might deteriorate. This is not as terrible as it seems, the spray nozzle simply needs a good clean, but how? Let’s have a look how to clean Airless nozzles tips.

Three strategies are available. For reversible spray nozzles, simply twist the nozzle in the opposite direction and spray, releasing impediments. For a thorough cleansing, use a cleaning liquid. For worn spray tips, consider replacing them instead, so that the spray fan pattern isn’t compromised.

Using a cleansing agent to clean airless spray nozzles

To clean the nozzle, generally a cleansing agent is used with a special container, shaped like an egg-timer: you put in it your spray nozzle, turn it upside down and let the cleansing agent do its job. Just let the spray nozzle sit in the container from 15 minutes up to 1 hour. Sometimes special cleaning needles are employed to clean the tip hole. You can take a look for yourself at the video presentation above, for a hands on cleaning demonstration thanks to our partner and friend Elliot the painter.

Wagner Tips Cleaner and FARBMAX Nozzle Cleaner

FARBMAX Nozzle Cleaner and Wagner Nozzle Cleaner

Reversible nozzles

Nozzles that allow a complete 180 degree twist with the nozzle holder, have been designed to release impediments stuck in the nozzle, with a short burst of high pressure material. Simply twist the nozzle so that it aims towards you, set the device to its highest pressure, and while aiming the gun towards a free area, that doesn’t endanger others, fire a short 3 to 5 second burst of material. Afterwards, simply twist the nozzle back towards the direction of the area you want to work on and you good to go!

Nozzle replacement

The bottom line is that worn out nozzles must be replaced. No amount of cleaning will eliminate poor spray fan patterns due to worn out nozzles. To help you decide on selecting the right nozzle for your job requirement, head over to this article for some key pointers.

Summarized we have:

  1. For reversible nozzles, such as the Graco RAC V and X, simply twist the nozzle in the opposite direction. A quick fire of the trigger my release unwanted particles in the spray nozzle.
  2. Use a cleaning liquid. Nozzles are submerged in the cleansing agent for between 15 minutes to one hour.
  3. Nozzle replacement.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning spray nozzless or airless spray painting in general, give us a call or check out our blog for more information. You can also contact us using the form below.