Spray extensions and joints for airless can help to control the spray jet and to achieve a high quality surface. In addition, they can be functional in obtaining a more even spray pattern and significantly reducing overspray.

Why use swivel joints on extensions?

Joints are mainly used with airless spray extensions. The joints are usually screwed on the front end of the lance, to be able to adjust the angle of the nozzle optimally to the surface. Ideally, the fan-shaped spray jet should hit the surface at a 90 degree angle to achieve an even paint distribution and minimize the formation of overspray. Especially when using lances, though, it can be very difficult to maintain the optimal angle of 90 degrees. Joints allow for an adjustment of the desired angle. For this purpose, the joints can be turned up to 180 degrees or more, so that the optimum angle of the spray jet of 90 degrees to the wall can be regulated easily. Here are the advantages of joints on airless lances:

  • spray jet can be adjusted to the surface
  • uniform spray pattern
  • optimal and high quality surface finish
  • reduction of overspray
  • lower material consumption

How to put joints on airless extensions?

Mounting a joint on an airless spray lance is very easy. The joint is simply screwed between the lance and the tip guard. Between the lance and joint comes a seal, which is already installed in most joints anyway. Then the tip guard is screwed onto the joint. Make sure that the seals (saddle seals made of metal and plastic seal) fits well into the tip guard.

Which joints for paint spraying lances are available on the market?

Almost all manufacturers offer joints for use with extensions. As an example, let’s take a closer look at the Graco Clean Shut Off Valve and the joint by FARBMAX.

Graco Clean Shot Off Valve

The Graco joint is one of the best known and most used joints to be found on the market. The quality and longevity is quite high. In addition, it offers more than a classic joint, because it has an additionally installed valve that prevents splashes and spit effects. These spatters and spitting effects can occur when lances are used and increase the longer the lance is.

The Graco swivel joint also includes a Graco RAC X tip guard and a Graco RAC X nozzle – size 517. The connection thread is 7/8″ on both sides.

FARBMAX Airless joint for lances

The FARBMAX swivel joint, like the Graco joint, comes with a 7/8″ thread. The joint is quite light and made of aluminum. The structure is simpler compared to the Graco model, but quite comfortable for regular use.


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