In this new part of our Airless Tips series, we discuss how to properly mask outlets and switches before painting.

The right method can save you a lot of time and effort. We looked at four variations for masking switches and outlets and considered the pros and cons of each method in the article below.

Here we look at the following methods for insulating switches and outlets:

  • Masking an outlet with tape – without removing the cover
  • Masking a light switch with tape – with the cover removed
  • Sticker to cover outlet and switch
  • Plastic cover with magnets

Masking a socket with tape – without removing the cover

In what is probably the simplest variation, the socket or switch housing is simply covered with tape. It is best to tape the switch once around the switch, then fold the tape inward. Tape with a width of 50 mm, for example, is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Steckdose und Lichtschalter richtig abkleben

Masking a socket with tape – without removing the cover – the not so good way

The plastic housing of the switch stays mounted on the wall, so you don’t have to take it apart. The downside is that there is a risk of paint leaking behind the tape and staining the outlet. With simple tapes, such as masking tape, paint can seep through and cause soiling.

Also, be sure that the tape is applied accurately. If you tape parts of the wall surface, they will not be covered later by the paint. The defects will then be visible when the tape is removed.

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Masking a light switch with tape – with the cover removed

To work more safely and cleanly, it is a good idea to remove the plastic cover of the switch, and then cover it with tape. When doing this, make sure that no power is present.

After unscrewing the plastic case from the socket, simply tape it on. Tape with a width of 50 mm works well, so two strips are sufficient. Tape is also available in suitable widths of about 70 mm.

Lichtschalter und Steckdose richtig abkleben

Masking a light switch with tape – with the cover removed – the good way

Again, you must ensure that the tape is sufficiently moisture resistant to prevent the paint from softening and seeping. If it does, the paint can penetrate and contaminate the electrical contacts in the switch.

You should also avoid taping it to the wall area.

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Sticker to cover outlet and switch

There are appropriately sized stickers for electrical outlets as an alternative to tape. Simply remove the cover from the electrical outlet, then stick the sticker on.

This saves fumbling with the tape, but this option is much more expensive. Due to the pressure of working with the paint roller, the socket contacts can puncture the sticker.

Aufkleber zum abdecken von Steckdosen

Special sticker for electrical outlets

Magnetic plastic cover

Our favorite accessory is the magnetic cover for sockets and switches. In this case too, the cover of the switch or socket must be removed. Then simply put on the magnetic cover. This has four strong magnets that hold it in place.

This system is available from various suppliers. It is fast, economical and environmentally friendly, reusable and can be used for over a year.

Magnetabdeckung für Lichtschater und Steckdosen

Magnetic plastic cover

The initial costs are a little higher, but they pay for themselves over time through reduced labor and material savings. Paint residue can simply be washed off the magnetic lids from time to time.

When working with the paint roller, it can happen that the magnetic covers are moved. But as a rule, they always hold and reliably protect the contacts of the switch or socket.

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